Kitchen Drawer Fronts

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Thinking about Replacing your Kitchen Drawer Fronts?

Want to make your drawers Soft Closing?

Great, we can help you!

When it comes to kitchen drawer fronts we have every option covered! 1mm ABS edged melamine, Vinyl Wrapped, 18mm Acrylic, 2 Pack Polyurethane (Painted) or we can even supply your drawer fronts to you as Raw MDF panels for a true DIY experience. Do you have tired worn out drawers? Don’t worry, we have made this a lot easier, you can now also Retro Fit New Soft Closing Drawers to your existing cabinets – no need to replace all your cabinets and call in expensive trades.

Bring in Your Old Doors!

For a small additional fee, simply drop off all your old doors and drawer fronts and we will measure and manufacture brand new doors with Blum Soft Closing Hinges.

Will your kitchen have a design/profile on your doors and drawers? When it comes to the drawers you will have 3 options all giving a different look and feel to your new kitchen.

Single Door Design – Door cut into the number of drawers in the bank, there’s no separate profile on each drawer, most popular with modern profiles or plain profiles.

Individual Door Design (Half Rails)With this option the design is machined into each drawer front while splitting the rails (border) between the drawers, most popular for “traditional” / “farmers” designs.

Individual Door Design (Full Rails) Here the design is machined into each drawer while maintaining the full rails (border) around each drawer, this will result in the centre profile being reduced or even deleted if it doesn’t fit.


Still unsure which door to choose? Give us a call we are here to help 08 9456 0165 or send us an email


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