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Raw MDF Doors


Thinking about buying new Raw MDF Doors? Great, check out our huge range!

Is your kitchen looking and feeling a little dated? well now you can easily order new replacement kitchen doors for your home or office and it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

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On a budget? Would like to finish the doors yourself? This option is for you, we will machine your doors and drill for hinges as if we were to press or paint the kitchen cabinet doors, we will lightly sand each door (if required) ready for you to prime, paint or sand. Please note we use double sided melamine (satin) this helps eliminate excessive amounts of priming to be used before top coat, this also gives you the better finish.

Bring in Your Old Doors!

For a small additional fee, simply drop off all your old doors and drawer fronts and we will measure and manufacture brand new doors with Blum Soft Closing Hinges.

Advantages with Raw MDF Doors

  • Durability: Very high durability
  • Colours Available: Limitless (DIY)
  • Price Range: Very cheap  
  • Manufacturing Location: Australia



x   More Time Consuming due to DIY

            Recommendations: Vinyl Doors

x   Overall finish quality depends on your time and effort

            Recommendations: Vinyl Doors

You can check out these doors in our showroom.

Remember if you have any questions we are here to help, so send us an email sales@thekitchendoorcompany.com.au or pick up the phone and call us now! (08) 9456 0165.


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