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Doors to Suit Ikea Metod Cabinets

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Are you looking for custom-made doors for your existing Ikea Metod Kitchen?

We offer a large range of our own door designs that are custom made to suit your Ikea cabinets!

Trying to match an Ikea door design? Our designs can differ to Ikea – to match your Ikea design simply head into one of our showrooms with one of your existing doors otherwise send us through a photo and ask our friendly team for the details of the closest design we offer.

Vinyl Wrap Doors or also known as Thermo-Laminated Doors are another great option for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and office applications.

With a wide colour range featuring Breeze, Satin, Matt, Gloss and Wood Grain Gloss Vinyls you’ll be pleased to know we carry all the Bonlex colours in 200m rolls in stock. 

If you have Ikea Metod Cabinets no need to worry, you can now order custom made doors specifically for your kitchen, saving you thousands in extensive renovation costs.

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Simply replace your Ikea cabinet doors and drawers and give your kitchen an instant unique facelift. 

We will pre-drill all the holes for hinges and drawers making it a painless and fast solution.

Still not confident with ordering online? Want to speak with a professional? give us a call on (08)9456 0165 or send us an email to and we will help you.

We have been making Kitchen Doors since 2002 and with huge buying power means you can order custom made doors on a flat pack budget.

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