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1597mm x 597mm Raw MDF Door (Ikea Metod)

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  • Made specially for Ikea Metod cabinets
  • Easy and fast installation
  • 18mm Australian made HMR MDF board
  • Locally made in W.A
  • Shipping Australia wide 
  • 7 Year warranty  

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You can now order custom made doors to suit the Ikea Metod range of cabinets. Transform your Ikea kitchen with custom made doors and drawers.

We will predrill your doors and drawers to suit the Ikea Metod cabinets.

If you would like to add brand new Blum Soft Closing Hardware then you may need to install the new mounting plate to the Ikea cabinet, mounting plates are included when ordering new hinges.

18mm Raw HMR MDF Doors are made using Laminex Board.

We have 4 options when ordering Raw MDF:

White Pearl on back:These doors will have a White Melamine backing and will be raw on the face and edges – We recommend this option if you are using a brush/roller to paint these doors.

White both sides: These doors will have White Satin on both the face and back; edges and any router recesses will be raw – We recommend this option if you are using a spray gun to paint these doors.

Raw both sides: These doors will be raw on all faces – We recommend this option if you are using a brush/roller to paint the face and back of these doors.

Black Pearl on back: These doors will have a Black Melamine backing and will be raw on the face and edges - We recommend this option if you are using a brush/roller to paint these doors.

The Kitchen Door Company are a major supplier of Custom Made Doors and Panels for WA's Cabinet Makers, Builders and DIY Renovators.

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Bonlex - Alabaster - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Alabaster - Satin Finish Bonlex - Alley Way - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Antique - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Antique - Satin Finish Bonlex - Battalion - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Battalion - Satin Finish Bonlex - Black - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Black - Satin Finish Bonlex - Bouari Gold - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Cafe Allegro - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Caribbean White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Clamshell - Satin Finish Bonlex - Classic White - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Classic White - Gloss finish Bonlex - Classic White - Satin Finish Bonlex - Cocoa Allegro  - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Designer White - Satin Finish Bonlex - Grigio - Satin Finish Bonlex - Ink - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Ink - Satin Finish Bonlex - Luna - Satin Finish Bonlex - Malibu - Satin Finish Bonlex - Mitilo - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Mitilo - Satin Finish Bonlex - Mustang - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Paperbark - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Parchment - Satin Finish Bonlex - Peltro - Satin Finish Bonlex - Piccolo - Satin Finish Bonlex - Royal Oyster - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Royal Oyster - Satin Finish Bonlex - Soot - Husk Finish Bonlex - Spada - Breeze Finish Bonlex - Spada - Satin Finish Bonlex - Spruce - Satin Finish Bonlex - Tusk - Gloss Finish Bonlex - Tusk - Texture Finish Bonlex - Vongole - Satin Finish Bonlex - White - Gloss Finish Bonlex - White - Husk Finish Bonlex - White - Satin Finish
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Laminex MR MDF 18mm - White Pearl on back Premium Laminex MR MDF 18mm - Black Pearl on back
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