Four Reasons to Install a Pull Out Kitchen Bin

26 October 2018

Regardless of whether you fancy yourself a keen chef or heat up convenience foods, your kitchen is sure to generate a great deal of waste

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Tips for Selecting the Best Kitchen Cabinet Doors

19 October 2018

The kitchen is considered one of the most vital spaces in our homes and renovating a kitchen requires many decisions.

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3 Reasons to Love Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors

28 September 2018

Glossy vinyl wrap kitchens have become the pinnacle of contemporary style.

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How to keep your kitchen clean and looking good

7 September 2018

Let’s face it there’s nothing worse than a messy kitchen, whether it be sauce or food, sometimes it feels as though something is always o

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Four things to consider when ordering replacement kitchen cabinet doors

3 September 2018

When it comes to the kitchen, you want it looking immaculate and somewhere you feel comfortable in.

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How to breathe new life into your Kitchen

22 August 2018

When it comes to your home there are few rooms quite as important as the kitchen.

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Why Laminated Doors Might Be The Right Choice

Why Laminated Kitchen Doors Might Be The Right Choice For You

15 August 2018

On paper you may not associate a kitchen door with something that could make the difference between you having a ‘good’ kitchen or your d

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Choosing the Best Colour for Your Kitchen Splashbacks

8 August 2018

Your kitchen splashbacks are one of the most visible features of

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How to Care For Your Cabinet Doors

1 August 2018

Once you have your shiny new cabinet doors in place, it can really look

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Melamine Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Quick Facts About Melamine Doors

27 July 2018

When it comes to updating the look of your kitchen, it doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, simply replacing your cabinet doors can ma

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Tips For A Kitchen Cabinet Door By The Kitchen Door Company

Our Top 4 Tips for Your New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

23 July 2018

If your kitchen is starting to look a little (or a lot!) dated, or you just don’t like the finish of your existing cabinet doors, it can

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What are melamine doors?

13 July 2018

If you have a modern kitchen, it is highly likely that your kitchen is probably made of melamine or laminate.

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Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Cabinet Example By The Kitchen Door Company

Why vinyl wrap kitchen doors might be the right choice for you

11 July 2018

Although you may think that kitchen doors are only a small part of your kitchen, in actual fact having the right (or wrong) kitchen cabin

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The Kitchen Door Company In Perth

The Kitchen Door Company - All About Us

9 July 2018

Welcome to The Kitchen Door Company - the specialists in custom kitchen cabinet doors

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Custom Kitchen Doors By The Kitchen Door Company

Update your kitchen with just one simple change

6 July 2018

If you are feeling bored or fed up of seeing the same old kitchen each and every day, maybe it is time to breathe a bit of new life into

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