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The Kitchen Door Company –  Vinyl Tech Cabinet Systems PTY LTD trading as The Kitchen Door Company 

Warranty – Products supplied to you by The Kitchen Door Company® or an approved supplier will under normal use be free from defects that may arise from manufacturing the product. Subject to the following terms and conditions listed below.

Commercial – Any application installed in a non-residential premise for example, high traffic areas such as but not limited to a restaurant, bar, office, educational, government institution, private business or retail outlet.


  • 1mm ABS Edged Doors & Panels - Seven (7) years
  • Vinyl Wrapped Doors & Panels - Seven (7) years
  • Acrylic Doors and Panels - Seven (7) years     
  • Painted Doors (Polyurethane) - Seven (7) years
  • Raw MDF Doors and Panels - Seven (7) years
  • Roller Shutters - Five (5) years
  • Compact Laminate Doors & Panels - Seven (7) years

What this warranty does not cover

This warranty does not extend to fair wear and tear, delamination or any other damage, defects or failures of the product which (in The Kitchen Door Company’s opinion) directly or indirectly arise from or are due to, but not limited to the following:

  • Water Damage - Includes damage from steam or excessive moisture; or
  • Heat Damage - Placing hot pots, pans or any other hot objects directly on the products surface, or indirectly from cooktops, kettles, toasters or any other appliances; or
  • Acidic food products – Exposing the product to acidic food products such as, citric fruit juices, vinegar, salt; or
  • Colour and Gloss Variations – Any variations with the colour or gloss within the product including any replacements, or any fading or aging of the colour, gloss or shine over time; or
  • Imperfections – Any visual imperfections or blemishes on the product surface or edge more than the industry standards this includes, dimples, pimples, dents, creases, chips, scratches and any surface irregularities which are not brought to your supplier’s attention before the product has been cut, modified or installed; or
  • Chemical damage – Exposing the product to acidic or corrosive materials such as dyes, acetone, bleach, thinning agents, micro abrasive creams; or
  • UV Damage – Exposing our products to excessive UV for example direct sunlight in and alfresco application unless the product specified otherwise; or
  • Heavy weight or impact – Placing heavy options on the product; applying heavy weight to the product, including by standing, stepping or lying on the product; or applying excessive impact caused by dropping or mishandling the product; or
  • Failing to clean as recommended – You must follow cleaning instructions set out in our Care and Maintenance guide listed below; or
  • Unauthorized Modifications – Any modifications to the product by anyone other than a The Kitchen Door Company approved supplier.
  • Incorrect Installation: Our products are to be installed meeting the Australian/New Zealand Domestic kitchen standards (AS/NZS 4386:2 1996)

Further, The Kitchen Door Company will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever and however arising from or in connection with the supply or removal of the Product, including (but not limited) to loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill or increased cost in workings even if it’s due to the negligence of The Kitchen Door Company or any other approved suppliers, employees or agents.

If a product is found to be faulty or defect and is within the above warranty period and is not able to be fixed or repaired then a replacement will be organized. This warranty does not extend to the removal or reinstallation of faulty or replacement products.  

Commercial Use

If any of our products are to be used in a commercial application the warranty is for 12 months (1 Year) from date of purchase.


This warranty becomes valid only if The Kitchen Door Company® have been paid for in full. Warranty is valid from date of when payment was made in full, warranty period does not recommence if a warranty claim is made.

Product Care & Maintenance

We recommend cleaning our products with mild warm soapy water and a dry cloth. If required, methylated spirits can be used first to remove stubborn marks.  Do not use other chemicals, harsh detergents, solvents and do not use abrasives such as steel wool, cream cleaners as they may damage the surface finish and or colour.