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If you already have Laminex doors or are thinking about getting Laminex doors, you might have a few questions about the product and if they are the right material for your project. Here we go through what Laminex doors are and how to take care of your doors to ensure their longevity.


Laminex doors are laminated doors. Laminate sheets are made up of three layers. The bottom layer is a brown paper coated with phenolic resin; the second layer is a paper decorated with the desired pattern, and the third layer is a clear sheet. Both the second and third layers are coated with melamine resin. Laminate doors are very durable and can withstand high volume usage which is best for high-traffic areas. Laminex doors are also very easy to clean and are made to withstand being cleaned regularly, this is where Laminex doors have an advantage over painted doors as too much cleaning for painted doors can harm the paint and eventually damage the doors.


Not only are Laminex doors highly durable, they are also very cost effective. This make Laminex doors very popular for all areas of your home like your Kitchen, Laundry and Office. Laminex isn’t only used in residential homes, because of its durability it high traffic areas Laminex doors are also used in office’s, schools and hospitals. Laminex has a large range of colours and finishes available to choose from at different pricing points, meaning you will be able to work within your budget while achieving the look you want.


Once you have your Laminex doors, you’ll want to know the best ways to maintain and take care of them. We have listed 10 helpful tops below to properly look after your laminate doors.

  1. Avoid using sharp objects when cleaning. While Laminex doors can take a lot of wear and tear, they can get scratched by sharp objects. Do not use rough materials such as steel scrubbers to clean your doors.
  2. Keep them away from direct sunlight. If exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time their colour can fade. To avoid discolouration, keep them away from direct and prolonged sunlight exposure.
  3. Don’t reach for the liquid cleaners straight away. Some stains might be able to be removed by water. Try using a sponge with warm water and wash soap to get rid of any greasy spots and grimes on your doors. Always remember to dry the surface immediately after.
  4. Steer clear of strong chemicals when cleaning. You should avoid steel wools, bleach or scouring pads when cleaning your doors as they will only damage your doors rather than leaving them sparkling clean.
  5. Avoid excessive water when wiping over your doors. While the board is HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) you still want to avoid warping doors which is caused by dampness from excess water.
  6. Dust regularly. You can minimise deeper cleaning when you make a habit to dust your doors every now and then. Grease oil particles might be on the surface of your Laminex doors which make it easier for dust particles to settle on the surface. You can use a rag, feather duster or any soft cloth to dust off the surface of your doors.
  7. Get rid of spills immediately. It is important that you act quickly and wipe off food or drink spills before they get the chance to stain your doors.
  8. Only use friendly cleaners. If you are going to use a cleaner we recommend any of these mild liquid cleans; Mr. muscle foaming cleaner, Nifty liquid cleaner or Flash liquid cleaner to get rid of tough stains. They are easy to get and readily available in your nearest supermarket and hardware store.
  9. When applying any products make sure to apply these to your cloth and not the surface of the door.
  10. Do not rub the doors too much. Excessive rubbing when cleaning may result to permanent aesthetic damages to your door.


Overall, Laminex doors are a great choice when it comes to updating your pre-existing space or creating something completely new. They are perfect for a wide range of applications, and are designed to last in everyday life. This combined with being cost effective, you can see why Laminex doors are such a popular option.

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