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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are a great cost effective option when looking for a functional kitchen at an affordable price. Ikea offers a few different cabinetry systems: Metod, Knoxhult and Sunnersta to suit Kitchens Big or Small, Busy or Calm and to suit your personal taste. Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are not only budget friendly, but you can also install them yourself, avoiding installation fees. Alongside the price, Ikea Cabinets are actually decent quality, and the instructions are easy to follow.  


You don’t need to buy your doors from Ikea;

Another great advantage of Ikea Kitchen Cabinets is that you can buy your carcasses from Ikea and purchase custom doors separately to suit the Ikea cabinets. This gives you the option to really customise the space to suit your style, or if you have old Ikea cabinets that require new doors you can simply remove your old Ikea doors and replace them with brand new custom ones.


Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are Modular sizes;

Being modular sizes, Ikea Kitchen Cabinets may not fit your space perfectly, but they can come in different configurations that can be adjusted to any Kitchen style. You have endless possibilities when designing your Kitchen, as you decide whether you want doors, drawers or a combination of both – these can then be arranged to suit your space and functionality of your Kitchen.


Ikea offers simple steps to ensure the process goes well for you:

  • Find your Style – A big part of getting a new Kitchen is making sure it suits your style, as there are so many different options available you can find an overview of Ikea’s range and inspiration in their Brochure, helping you decide what best works for you.  
  • Measure – One of the most important steps is measuring your Kitchen correctly, be sure to take your time as this will form the foundation of your planning. You can pick up a planning guide instore or online to see exactly what you need to measure.
  • Plan – You can plan your Kitchen online using Ikea’s Home Planner Tool, bringing your ideas and plans to life.
  • Order – Once you’ve planned your dream kitchen you can visit your local Ikea store and speak with one of their Kitchen experts.
  • Install – Ikea cabinets are made for you to install, Ikea offers installation guides that give you a step by step instructions.
  • Buying Guides – You can pick up a copy or download online for more information on Ikea products.  


Ikea’s design principle if built on creating kitchens that are diverse, flexible and that can suit everyone’s style and functionality.