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The Hamptons style has become synonymous with luxury in Australia. The style originates from the homes of the rich and famous in a group of townships on Long Island, New York. 

Australians have added their own twist to the popular aesthetic, taking influence from high-end homes around the globe and the traditional Australian cladded home.

Australia is blessed with scenic views and great climate, making this a popular style in the house market for years now.

The Hamptons style is defined by classic and sophisticated designs crossed with rustic beach vibes. It can be simply described as a glamorous summer home; but with the right design elements, you can enjoy this all year round.

The Hamptons Kitchen

Your kitchen can easily be a defining area of your Hamptons-style home. Remodeling or decorating a kitchen can be expensive and adopting the Hamptons style assures you have a classy design that can stand the test of time.

The contemporary approach to a Hamptons kitchen is sleeker and more functional than before. There are five core elements to getting the Hamptons feel, starting with the all-white colour scheme.

All-White Kitchen

Colour is an important element of the Hamptons style but the kitchen is almost always predominantly white. White cabinetry is often used to act as a blank canvas for tastefully elegant decorative pieces and accented furniture.

You do not need to use plain white in one texture or material. Your kitchen cabinet doors alone can be made of the material of your choice.

In general, an all-white kitchen is a timeless choice that gives your kitchen a modern vibe for years to come.

Shaker-Style Cabinetry

Hamptons-style kitchens are nearly synonymous with recessed kitchen cabinet panel doors in white, blue, grey, or similar colours. These cabinet doors are classy and elegantly designed, adding dimension and character to your kitchen in an understated way.

The contemporary approach to the Hamptons kitchen is a subtly recessed panel. Depending on the other elements in your kitchen, there is a large variety of finishes you can choose from.

Kitchen cabinets can make up a large portion of your renovation or design budget. Visually, they can be one of the first things that will stand out to your guests and make up much of their view.

Different kitchen cabinet door materials and finishes have their own advantages, but take in mind that you are going for a sleek, luxurious vibe that’s classy and understated.

The traditional look is finished with hooded pulls and knobs in silver or chrome.

There are many premade kitchen cabinet doors available on the market but you also have the advantage of having custom-made doors to fit your unique dream kitchen and budget.

Large Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a vital centrepiece of every Hamptons kitchen. It’s large, functional, and often fitted with shaker style cabinetry. Your large kitchen island acts both as an aesthetic and added functionality for storage, food preparation, and even eating small meals.

One side of your kitchen island can have bar stools so it can serve as a breakfast bar while the other side can be fitted with cabinetry. There is a large selection of tasteful kitchen cabinet doors that can enhance the overall vibe of your Hamptons kitchen.

Bar stools help tie your kitchen’s look together and are best when they match your lighting fixtures.

Butler’s Sink

A butler’s sink is a kitchen sink with a large basin, built to reduce the strain of leaning over the counter to use the sink. It’s stylish and functional, ideal for the streamlined look of the modern Hamptons style kitchen.

The butler’s sink may be installed on one of your kitchen counters and would look great against contrasting light blue or grey kitchen cabinet doors.


Stylish Splashback

A splashback is a panel behind your stove or sink that protects the wall from splashes. If you have a wood or painted wall, it helps protect your walls from staining or other damage.

A well-chosen splashback adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of your Hamptons kitchen. Marble or subway tiles are the popular choice for the contemporary Hamptons design. Both materials strike the balance between classic and contemporary.

One advantage of choosing marble tile is the large selection of patterns available to you. You can choose one that perfectly blends in with your kitchen wall.

It would help to find a colour and pattern that complements your kitchen cabinet doors as they also take up a large area of your kitchen.

Pendant Lighting

Right above your beautiful kitchen island should be the right pendant lighting. The fixture itself should be classy and timeless, suited to the overall vibe of your kitchen. It’s also the best way to add a dash of your personal style to your contemporary Hamptons kitchen.

You can go classic with a few tried and tested options but you can also take the modern approach with bold and creative choices for lighting.

Go for a bright, cool colour for your lighting. This would help enhance your all-white kitchen and help you and your guests better appreciate other elements such as your kitchen island, appliances, and stylish cabinetry.

Other Design Elements of Your Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons home is defined by its refined but relaxed look. All white tastefully accented with light blue and grey is a popular colour scheme.

Make your Hamptons kitchen and home more personal without breaking the aesthetic. Add trinkets in ocean-inspired hues or even place a small house plant in a complimentary vessel.

You may also add hints of timber and elements of seaside style. All these elements will give you a year-round vacation vibe regardless of how far or near your home actually is from the sea.

For your kitchen, personalise by picking the right handles and fixings for your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. It also helps to add a little personality through finishing details such as mouldings and tiles.

Planning your dream Hamptons-style kitchen by yourself can be a tedious and expensive venture. Get in touch with an expert and find out how you can build or design the kitchen of your dreams within your budget and personal taste.