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Gone are the days of only being able to have flat kitchen cabinet doors, now we are spoilt for choice with the different profiles you can choose for your cabinet doors. When we refer to “cabinet door profiles” we are usually referring to the pattern or shapes which are routered into the face of the cabinet door. Then there is also the choice of having different Edge profiles as well, meaning you can have bevelled and rounded edges instead of just square edge.


So with all this choice, surely there is some limits? Yes indeed, cabinet door profiles can only be done in certain products. As the profile is routered out of the centre of the door, this would mean the door will need to be covered with a product after the routered profile is done. If you are looking at going for melamine doors or a colourboard product, then you will not be able to have a profile in these. The product you can usually get profiles finished in is vinyl-wrap or paint. You can also just order the doors in raw MDF if you wish to finish them yourself with paint as a DIY project.


What Profiles are available?

Each manufacturer will have their own range of profiles available for you to choose from for your kitchen cabinet doors, just ask to see the range they offer.

The most popular cabinet door profile would currently be the shaker design which means the centre of the door has a square like shape routered out (recessed centre). The downside of this profile is that it is highly labour intensive with all the sanding required, so can be a bit more on the higher side of the price range.


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