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Laminex doors are laminated doors.

Laminate sheets are made up of three layers; the bottom layer is brown paper coated with phenolic resin, the second layer is a paper decorated with the desired pattern, and the third layer is a clear sheet; The second and third layers are both coated with melamine resin.

Laminate doors are very durable and can withstand high volume usage which are great for high-traffic areas. Laminex is Australia’s leading manufacturer of quality laminated decors.



Laminex doors are highly durable and made to stay looking pristine in the most demanding interior environments. They are hardwearing, easy to clean and stain resistant. When comparing Laminex doors and Painted Doors, too much cleaning can harm the paint and will eventually damage the door because of the chemicals in the cleaning solutions, with Laminex doors you don’t need to worry. Laminex Doors are ideal for all areas of the home or office and due to their highly durable nature they are a great option for rentals and high traffic areas.


Australian Made

Laminex has been a proud Australian manufacturer for over 85 years, and grown from a tin shed in Melbourne to multiple large-scale manufacturing plants in city and country locations right around Australia. Supporting local industry, providing economic and social benefits to local communities, and contributing to sustainable practices


Cost Effective

Compared to other door products, Laminex doors are one of the most cost effective options. When you compare Laminex to Solid Wood you could save yourself as much as 50 percent. Laminex doors have a large range of products at different pricing points, meaning you will be able to find a product that suits your budget. 


Colour Range

Laminex has an extensive colour range to choose from that is always expanding on a regular basis; Laminex offers Whites & Neutrals, Woodgrains, Minerals and Accents. Alongside the large choice of colours, Laminex doors also offer most products in different finishes such as Natural, Chalk, Silk, AbsoluteMatte and AbsoluteGloss finishes. Laminex doors will allow you to create your dream space, whether your after something modern, bright, contemporary, warm wood tones or something colourful.



Overall, Laminex doors are a great choice when it comes to updating your pre-existing space or creating something completely new. They are perfect for a wide range of styles and applications, and are designed to last in everyday life. This combined with being cost effective, you can see why Laminex doors are such a popular option.


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