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If you are thinking it's time to invest in some replacement kitchen cabinet doors, your most important decision will be to choose what colour your doors need to be. With the extensive number of products and colours available on the market nowadays, it can feel overwhelming when trying to decide what colour you will be happy living with. Who knew there were so many different shades of white on the market?!

When looking at replacement kitchen cabinet doors for your existing cabinets or even your brand-new Ikea kitchen cabinets (check out our blog on Ikea Kitchen Cabinets? Custom doors vs Ikea Doors) here are some of our top tips you should consider when choosing your new kitchen door colours. 

Look at the size of your space

When ordering kitchen cupboard doors, the size of your space is one of the first things you must consider for kitchen door colour choice. With smaller spaces, it can be best to stick with light, neutral colours that allow for your kitchen to have a sense of light and space. Strong colours maybe your style; however, they can absorb light and make your already small space seem even smaller. 
A large space with lots of natural light gives you the freedom to express your style in bold coloured replacement kitchen cabinet doors. Just remember, if you do have a small space, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bold, dramatic colours in your kitchen! Contemplate how you can accessorise with colour instead to give your kitchen that touch of glamour you always imagined. 

Check out your available lighting

A big thing that can be forgotten when making a decision on your kitchen door colour type is your available lighting. Does your kitchen have natural light that is always leaking in or is your kitchen positioned where the natural light is darkened meaning you rely solely on artificial light? 
Natural or artificial light should definitely factor into your kitchen door colour choice. A kitchen with Natural light will allow you to have darker coloured doors as the light will counteract with the doors keeping your room bright. This compared to a room with no natural light (uses artificial light only), would mean that your dark doors will darken the room even more. Overall, a room with natural light = all colours! Go bold! But rooms with artificial light only = stick to brighter colours that are going to brighten up your room. 
For darker rooms check out our sister company's (eKitchensLED range that can be incorporated into your cabinetry for some gorgeous results! 

Two-Toned Effect

A popular option for those customers searching for a compromise when one person loves dark kitchens, and the other loves bright kitchens is a two-toned effect! Two-Toned colour schemes in kitchens mean the space features contrasting coloured cabinetry. Although this sounds a little odd, when the right colours for your replacement kitchen cabinet doors are chosen, your final look can be very effective.
Usually, this look can be achieved by pairing a lighter or neutral colour with a darker or more dramatic tone on your cabinet doors, to achieve the right contrast. You could try a white with navy for your vinyl wrap kitchen doors or opt for a rich combination of autumn tones with a neutral beige in a laminated doors range. The limit? Your imagination!! 

What is the Mood?

Sounds silly, I know. But the kitchen is an area that sets the tone for the whole house, so thinking carefully about the ‘mood’ you want to portray, can have a massive impact on your colour choices. What about muted blues or greys on your painted kitchen doors for a laidback, coastal style? Or a light off-white on your melamine doors to create a great ambience. 

Don’t forget the future appeal 

When replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, it is a very good idea to consider your wider audience. If you choose a colour that you absolutely love, but other people will also love, it will definitely make life easier to sell your property down the track. Sometimes, even though the idea of bright green cabinets is something you love, potential homebuyers may not share the same thoughts.  

Consider your type of door 

When ordering your replacement kitchen cabinet doors, the type of door you are choosing will affect your final colour choice. There are so many different colour choices available on the market today, that beginning with the type of door you would like can narrow these choices down to something a little easier to decide from. 

Do you want a shaker style door? Great! You can choose from vinyl or painted options. Want to keep the doors a bit more budget-friendly? Go for vinyl instead of paint. Congratulations, you just reduced your colour choice from over 500 different colours down to approximately 30! To help make your decision easier, start with the pros and cons for the different types of doors (or check out our blog on Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors – What is the best door for you?) then look at your colour options. 

If you want to make a statement with your new kitchen cabinet doors, or just want to enjoy the bliss of finally having kitchen doors that suit your lifestyle, we can help. With over 500 colours, finishes and designs to choose from, why settle for less? With all doors customised to your exact measurements, take advantage of our high-quality products and upgrade your kitchen today! 
Located in Perth? Make sure you take advantage of our Onsite Measure service! Have a qualified cabinet maker come out to your house, measure all your doors, drawers and panels and provide you with a quote. We can also install for you if you don’t feel confident installing yourself! 
Contact us today at (08 9456 0165) or and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to order your new doors or book an onsite measure appointment.