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Melamine doors are a popular product when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors and a product you here of on the regular, but what is a melamine door? A lot of people do not quite understand what a melamine door is and often get them confused with other products.


Melamine is actually a type of laminate, or to be more specific, it is the more common name for direct-pressure laminate, also known as low pressure laminate. Melamine is manufactured to produce a highly durable sheet of melamine resin. This sheet of melamine resin is a type of thermosetting plastic that is bonded with a phenolic resin glue and a melamine resin plastic facing and is attached to a substrate of board. Melamine is an excellent choice of material for kitchen doors and it is highly durable, moisture resistant and very cost effective.


A lot of modern kitchens will have melamine doors in them, there are a few signs to tell if your cabinet doors are melamine doors. You can start by checking if there is any peeling or bubbling, melamine or laminate doors will not peel or bubble. You can also check if there is a material that covers the face and edges with one piece or if there is a edging strip that has been applied to the 4 edges of the door. Melamine/laminate doors will usually have an ABS edging strip on the 4 edges. This edging strip is usually 1mm or 2mm thick.


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