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If you already have Laminex doors or are thinking about getting Laminex doors, you might have a few questions about the product and if they are the right material for your project. Here we go through what Laminex doors are and how to take care of your doors to ensure their longevity.

Laminex doors, highly regarded within the industry for their robust construction and stylish appearance, are ideally suited for both residential and commercial settings. They are part of the Laminex Made to Measure doors and panels range, designed to fit specific design preferences and functional needs. 

By utilising a multi-layered construction method—a base of brown paper coated with phenolic resin, a decorative paper layer, and a clear top layer coated with melamine resin—Laminex ensures that its doors can handle significant wear and tear, maintaining their appearance in high-traffic areas.

This blog will break down what Laminex is, the benefits it can bring to your property and just how you should maintain it to have it lasting for years to come.

Why Choose Laminex?

Durability and Style

Engineered for longevity, Laminex doors withstand frequent use and cleaning, making them superior to options like painted doors, which can deteriorate quickly. The layered construction also allows for a variety of textures and finishes, enabling Laminex doors to fit seamlessly into any decor style, from modern minimalism to classic woodgrain looks.


Compared to solid wood doors, Laminex doors provide significant savings—up to 50% less expensive—making them a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. This affordability does not compromise on style or durability, which makes Laminex doors particularly appealing for large-scale projects or renovations on a tight budget.

Australian Heritage

Laminex has a rich heritage of over 85 years in Australian manufacturing, starting from a humble tin shed in Melbourne to becoming a leader in the manufacturing industry. The brand is committed to sustainable practices and supports local industries, playing a crucial role in the economic and environmental aspects of Australian manufacturing.

Extensive Options

The Laminex Colour Collection has an array of colours and finishes, from vibrant solid colours to subtle matte textures and high gloss finishes. This extensive variety ensures that every customer can find the perfect match for their interior design scheme, making Laminex a versatile choice for designers and homeowners alike.

Customisation and Technical Specifications

Laminex cabinets and doors are highly customisable. They can be made to measure to ensure a perfect fit for any project. Whether you need standard-sized doors or panels or require custom dimensions for a unique space, Laminex can accommodate. The doors come with options for ABS edging and square edges, providing a clean, finished look that enhances the door's durability and aesthetic appeal.

Surface Materials and Design Preference

Each customer’s design preference is catered to with a wide range of surface materials. You can choose from laminate surfaces that mimic the look and feel of natural wood, vibrant solid colours that make a bold statement, or soft-touch mattes that bring sophistication and elegance to any room.

Performing System Maintenance

Laminex doors are designed as part of a high-performing system that includes easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. In the rare event that you have a technical problem with your doors, Laminex offers comprehensive support to resolve issues swiftly, ensuring that your doors continue to function perfectly and look pristine.

Maintenance Tips for Laminex Doors

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the pristine appearance and functionality of Laminex doors:

  1. Avoid Sharp Objects and Rough Materials: Although durable, the surface can be scratched by sharp objects or rough cleaning materials like steel scrubbers.
  2. Protect from Direct Sunlight: To prevent fading and maintain colour vibrancy, shield doors from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Moderate Use of Water and Cleaners: Use a damp sponge with warm soapy water for cleaning; avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, which can damage the surface. Always dry the surface immediately to prevent watermarks.
  4. Regular Dusting: Frequent dusting helps keep the doors clean and minimises the need for more aggressive cleaning methods.
  5. Immediate Action on Spills: Quickly clean spills to prevent stains and damage to the surface.
  6. Gentle Cleaning Products: For tougher stains, use mild cleaning solutions recommended by Laminex to avoid damaging the finish.
  7. Apply Products Correctly: To avoid uneven cleaning or damage, apply cleaners to a cloth rather than directly onto the door surface.
  8. Avoid Excessive Rubbing: Gentle cleaning is sufficient to keep your doors looking new without causing aesthetic damage from harsh scrubbing.

You can also find helpful tips for maintaining and cleaning your cabinet doors here. Our comprehensive guide offers practical advice to keep your cabinets looking pristine. From routine cleaning to deep maintenance, we've got you covered with expert recommendations.

See Our Collection of Laminex at The Kitchen Door Company

Laminex doors are not just about aesthetics; they embody durability, cost-effectiveness, and a broad range of design options. This makes them an excellent choice for various applications, from home renovations to new commercial constructions. 

At The Kitchen Door Company, we strive to be able to create a kitchen design that you’ll love and rely on. For more detailed information on our custom Laminex doors and panels, or if you need assistance with a technical issue, please contact The Kitchen Door Company at (08) 9456 0165 or via email at or come into our store.