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If you have a modern kitchen, it is highly likely that your kitchen is probably made of melamine or laminate. Both of these types of kitchen doors and cabinets can come in a huge range of colours, and are usually pre-finished. In addition, they are an extremely inexpensive option of material for kitchen doors which makes them a very popular choice for many different types of kitchen. The compound which is found in both melamine and laminate is extremely strong, durable and mostly heat resistant. This extensive list of benefits are factors which make sure your cabinets last as long as your kitchen, or longer if you like to upgrade or revamp your kitchen on a regular basis.

Melamine is actually a type of laminate, or to be more specific, it is the more common name for direct-pressure laminate, also known as low-pressure laminate. Melamine is  manufactured to produce a highly durable a sheet of melamine resin. This sheet of melamine resin is a type of thermosetting plastic that is bonded with a phenolic resin glue and a melamine resin plastic facing and is attached to a substrate of board. Melamine is an excellent choice of material for kitchen doors as it is highly durable, moisture resistant and extremely cost effective.

If you are not sure whether you have melamine or laminate doors, or some other type of material, there are a few tell tale signs that you can look out for. The most obvious one is that unlike vinyl wrapped kitchen doors, neither melamine or laminate will peel or bubble, so carefully check the corners and the edges of your kitchen cabinets.

Does your kitchen need an update? Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we have a range of over 100 modern and traditional melamine colours and textures for you to choose from. In addition, our selection is ever expanding, which means that you will  be able to find the right kitchen door to suit your style and personality perfectly.  We stock a wide range of Australia’s well known and leading brands, such as Formica and Laminex doors. As well as being leading manufacturers of high quality laminated decors, they are an extremely cost effective compared with other doors so are a popular option when it comes to updating your kitchen. The only down sides of melamine doors are that they are unable to have designs on the face of the doors, and that the gloss levels are not quite as high in comparison with other types of door finishes.

So if you are looking to update your kitchen to breathe a bit of new life into the heart of your home, things couldn’t be easier than swapping out your old kitchen doors for some brand new ones. It really is as simple as taking the old doors off and screwing on your chosen new doors and drawer fronts in their place, so why not browse our extensive selection today!