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When it comes to trying to work out the best product to order your new kitchen cabinet doors in, the options can become overwhelming. If you are wanting a product that does not have the ABS Edging strip and you would like them to look a bit more seamless on the edges, then your choice can be narrowed down to two options; Vinyl wrap kitchen doors or Painted kitchen doors. Now you have narrowed it down to these two, which one should you choose? Well, both have their own pro’s and con’s so keep reading to find out what they are.


Vinyl wrap kitchen doors and Drawers are excellent in the fact that it can achieve the same look as a Painted kitchen cabinet door but is a lot lower in the price range! The vinyl wrap is wrapped around the face and 4 edges of the door so there are no seen edges. The product is also more durable than Paint as it is a sheet pressed onto the kitchen doors using glue and heat. The downside of vinyl is that it can have a slight orange peel effect which shows mainly on gloss colours when light is reflecting on it. The colour in the vinyl wrap kitchen doors also tends to not last as long as Paint and will occasionally start to yellow years down the track.


Painted kitchen doors and Drawers on the other hand, can achieve an exceptional quality and smooth finish but are quite high in the price range due to the extensive labour required. The colour in Painted kitchen doors tends to last longer than vinyl wrap kitchen doors too. The negative of this product is that Paint is Paint and as we know it, Paint can chip if hit or damaged. You can often purchase a touch up kit when you order your doors to help fill in these chips though.


Now you know a bit more about the two different kitchen door products, which one will you be choosing? Vinyl wrap kitchen doors or Painted kitchen doors, the choice is yours.

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