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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are an extremely common fixture in many Australian homes. Every day, people are moving into their new homes and finding that their older Ikea cabinet doors are no longer in the top condition you assume they were when the kitchen was first installed. 

Although, it is just not older Ikea kitchen cabinetry that needs new doors, a very popular choice of many customers is to source the cabinetry directly from Ikea and find a custom kitchen door company that can provide a wider range of designs and colours in their brand-new kitchen doors. While the Ikea Doors option may be convenient, you may not find one to suit the look of your dream kitchen. 

Here are 5 important tips and tricks to remember when you are picking and installing your replacement kitchen cabinet doors on your old Ikea Kitchen Cabinets


Most potential renovators will be able to tell you how difficult it can be to design your new kitchen while keeping it functional and within budget. If you are starting kitchens from scratch, sometimes it is best to work alongside a kitchen company with designers, to help make these decisions easier. 

However, you still need to make those crucial decisions including what colour and design the new doors should be. Take into account the lighting in your room, natural lighting that is entering the kitchen and functionality before deciding on your colour or design. 


Although Ikea is modular cabinets meaning all doors have set sizes when it comes to the Ikea Kitchen Cabinets, it is ALWAYS best to double check your measurements prior to ordering new doors! You want to avoid the extra costs of paying for replacement doors if you don’t confirm the measurements yourself. 

A simple measure of the height and width of the door should be enough to help (check out our blog - How to measure your old kitchen cupboard doors for more info!). If you find a custom kitchen door manufacturer who already has the pre-set Ikea sizes ready to go, this is definitely easier. Top tip – make sure your new door supplier also predrills for your new Ikea Doors and Drawer kits! 


As you are going to be replacing all your kitchen cabinet doors with new ones, make sure as soon as your new doors arrive, you lay them out in front of their respective doors to ensure you have every piece of the kitchen covered and you can spot any issues before getting into the hard labour! There is nothing worse than getting a good amount into your renovation and finding something that isn’t quite right. 


When installing replacement kitchen cabinet doors for your Ikea Kitchen cabinets, most of the installation process can be quite easy, however, you will still need to use certain tools to complete the installation. 

Items like a power drill to install new panels and drill your handle holes, a planer to plane your new kickboards to suit your floor or a screwdriver to help adjust all your new items to their perfect spot. 

If you are unsure how to do the technical install parts of the job, you could always hire an installer just to take care of these finishes like panels, kickboards and ceiling infills if you have them, while you do the simple swap overs like the doors and drawer fronts (if they are already pre-drilled!). 


Take care when removing your existing doors from your current hinges and drawer kits. You don’t want to pull the drawer face off too hard and damage the side or break a hinge while trying to remove it from the old door – we want to reuse these! Take your time and ensure a full understanding of how to remove these parts prior to attempting it (i.e., check videos or instructions that you may have been provided). 

Ensure you also do not overdo it when using a power tool to install your new items. Sometimes the use of power tools is strongly discouraged in some online articles, when done with ease, they are the way to go for a quick installation. Adjusting the clutch of the drill to control the power or using a drill that has a speed selector is one way of making power drills even easier to use. 



Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we offer a very wide range of kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinet doors that are customised to the measurements you provide us. We also have an entire Ikea Faktum and Ikea Metod range, that allows you to select the pre-set sized doors including hinge drilling and drawer kit drilling. 

Upgrade your old Ikea Kitchen Cabinets with new doors, or order your new Ikea Kitchen Cabinets with no doors, then select from our wide range to ensure your kitchen is made to be the perfect fit for your life. Brighten up your kitchen, or make a small space appear larger by changing your dark doors to lighter colours or make a statement with some bold dark colour kitchen cabinet doors. 

Order online or speak to one of our friendly team members today at (08) 9456 3108 or