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When planning a kitchen renovation, there is no doubt that the cabinets, worktops, and appliances are important elements, but it is crucial not to overlook those final details. One of the most popular kitchen accessories is soft closed hinges. So, here we’ll explore the benefits of this feature and why it should be included on your list of kitchen supplies.

The Soft Close Hinge Basics

Soft close hinges are a relative new cabinet feature that allows cabinet doors and drawers to close more softly. They use a small piston to prevent the doors from being slammed against the frame. As the drawer or door is pushed back, the mechanism reaction when the door or drawer reaches the last centimetres of closure, which causes it to slow before gradually closing silently. Soft close hinges are an upgrade on kitchen cabinets, but can provide an excellent finishing touch.

Extending the Life of Your Cabinetry

Soft close hinges will limit the wear and tear on your new kitchen cabinetry and their hinges. As the doors and drawers are closed more gently, the amount of stress placed on them is reduced. These kitchen accessories will also prevent marks from being formed on the cabinetry frames that is often caused by slammed doors and can lead to cracks and dents.

The mechanism will also reduce the friction on the hinges, extending their lifespan, which could save hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacements in later years.

Eliminate Slamming Doors

Whether you have a sullen teen who can’t seem to use a cabinet handle or you’re an enthusiastic cook that is a whirlwind in the kitchen, the sound of slamming doors can compromise the serenity of your home. When you’re busy preparing a meal, there is no risk of you being startled by a slamming door that causes you to overseason your dish.

Soft close hinges can also protect fingers, particularly if you have smaller children who are at risk of getting pinched as they start to navigate your kitchen.

Creating a High End Aesthetic

There is a reason why longevity and subtlety are often associated with a luxury finish. So, upgrading your kitchen with soft close hinges will showcase that you get what you pay for. After you’ve invested in new kitchen cabinetry, you are likely to want it to last and showcase that extra touch of elegance that creates that high end aesthetic. Whether you have friends coming over for coffee or just want to enjoy the serenity of your new kitchen, soft close hinges can be that finishing touch that will elevate your kitchen renovation to a whole new level. If there is only one additional element you can add to your kitchen, soft close hinges are well worth serious consideration.

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