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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are a popular option for many homes, the company offers a range to create the sleek, European style that the Swedish company if famous for. But, like every type of furniture it won’t last forever, so when is it time to update and refresh your cabinets? Below we go through some signs it might be time to update.


Your Kitchen is looking outdated

Unfortunately not all trends last, and while your kitchen may of been modern in the 90's it may look outdated now. Even if you upgrade your appliances, those old cabinet doors can make your entire kitchen look out of style. Fortunately you can create a whole new look just replacing the doors and keeping your Ikea Kitchen Cabinets. You can choose a new colour and finish to complement your new appliances and bring your kitchen back to life.


Your Doors are no longer functional

Ikea doors for cabinets are designed to operate smoothly, so it can be frustrating when they start to stick and no longer move smoothly. If you find your cabinet doors are knocking into each other every time you open them, or they hang on their hinges, it’s a sure sign you need to consider replacing or refacing your cabinets.


What if your cabinets are still in great shape?

Many of us get a little tired of our out dated decor and want to update the aesthetics of our home. Buying a whole new kitchen can become very costly, but if your Ikea cabinets are still in great shape and you want a new look, you can quickly replace the doors and drawer fronts to change things up. If the carcass of the cabinets are not showing any sings of damage such as rotting or warping, cabinet refacing is a great solution.


You're on a tight budget

As we mentioned above a full kitchen renovation can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars and it can be uncertain if you will be able to recoup this cost with resale value of your home or if you just have limited funds to start a full renovation, it doesn’t mean that you're stuck with an outdated kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a far more budget friendly option especially if you like your current kitchen layout and your carcasses are still in good condition. Refacing your cabinets gives you the budget friendly option to create a whole new look at the fraction of the price. Additionally you won’t have the added stress and mess of having all your kitchen ripped out.


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