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Is your kitchen beginning to look a little (or a lot!) dated? Do you find the colour or finish of your existing cabinet doors unappealing? Renovations can be expensive. We all know this. When you begin pricing up the cost of a new kitchen, you may look at the final total with shock. BUT it does not have to be like this. 

A fantastic budget-friendly alternative to replacing your whole kitchen is right in front of you. Instead, investigate replacement kitchen cabinet doors for a contemporary makeover! Keep your current kitchen layout and framework but give it a whole new face. 

Picking replacement kitchen cabinet doors itself may require a lot of decisions. Unfortunately, with so many cheap kitchen cabinet doors around, it can be challenging to choose which option will be the best fit for your lifestyle. 

If you are thinking of investing in a budget-friendly kitchen reface, we would like to share some of our top tips on deciding what doors would be the best for you. 

Research your options

When deciding on your new replacement kitchen cabinet doors, the first step is to research your options on what types of doors may be available. Whilst some certain colours or designs may take your fancy, not all doors will suit your lifestyle and possibly damage that comes with being in a kitchen. 

 There are five types of kitchen doors available that may be of interest. 

  1. Laminate – Laminate doors are made up of three layers of paper and plastic resin with colour on both sides of the door. These doors are very durable and can withstand high usage. For more information on Laminate doors, check out our blog “Your guide to Laminex doors’. 
  2. Acrylic – Acrylic doors are a great option for those looking for an Ultra-Gloss or Smooth Matte finish. Made up of acrylic sheets on an MDF board, these doors are designed to prevent UV light damage and to ensure moisture and scratch resistance. Our blog on “Acrylic Cabinet doors’ will give you more information on these doors. 
  3. Vinyl – Vinyl doors are manufactured MDF panels cut and routered with a profile. These doors are then sprayed with glue and covered with a vinyl wrap pressed to the door using heat and a vacuum. Read ‘Vinyl wrap kitchen doors’ for more advice on these doors. 
  4. Painted – Painted doors are also manufactured out of MDF panels with designs routered into the front of the door. They are then painted with either 2-Pack Polyurethane or Water-Based Paint. Inspect our environmental reasons for using Water-based paint here – ‘Benefits of Water-based painted cabinet doors'. 
  5. Raw – Raw doors are a handy DIYer's dream. Manufactured in the same way as vinyl or painted doors but for a fraction of the cost, they allow for you to paint the doors yourself. 

Contemplate the design you want 

With replacement kitchen cabinet doors, take the time to consider what style you love in kitchen designs. Work these ideas into your new doors! The internet has wonderful inspiration to provide you with these ideas. Inject your personality in the space, whether that be directly through your door choice or the finishing touches e.g., handles. Whether that design is a flat panel, shaker or inset, there are many options to give you the look you want. 

So, with all these choices, there must be limits? Of course, routered cabinet door profiles can only be done in certain products. Doors must be covered after the routered profile is done, meaning you will not be able to have a profile in laminate or acrylic products. However, vinyl wrap, painted or raw products are a great choice for the designs! 

This doesn’t mean laminate or acrylic products will not meet your expectations. These products can create a contemporary, smooth look in your kitchen at a very cost-effective price. 

Choose a quality product 

Although you may have a budget and it is important to stay within this, you also want to be confident that you purchase a quality product that will last. Changing replacement kitchen cabinet doors for the second time in a short period due to poor quality is not ideal.  

During your research, picking a durable and hard-wearing material that suits your lifestyle in a kitchen area can ensure you will not need to replace it again. When deciding on which type of door, read the pros and cons for each door and its durability. 

Examine functionality 

As with choosing a quality product, your doors must also be practical. With small children or a passionate cook in the house, replacement kitchen cabinet doors that are easy to clean will be at the top of the list. Door finishes can assist with this as well as the durability of a door. 

When comparing what finish you would like a door in, consider whether that door will suit the level of use your kitchen will get. Gloss or satin finishes are smooth and can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove any spills or marks. 

For those families with young children, an acrylic door may be the way to go as they are the most durable for heavy use. Whereas painted doors may be a fantastic option for those that are not expecting a high risk of damage to the doors and want a beautiful look and finish.

Another important thing to think about when deciding on a door’s functionality are how your kitchen operates? Would you like to display your items with a glass door, or do you want everything to be hidden from sight? Choose the doors that are the most functional for you. 

Decide on your style 

If you have neutral and timeless flooring or surfaces, replacement kitchen cabinet doors provide an opportunity for your style. Opt for a modern look or swap to a traditional style. When you are choosing your new kitchen doors, think about how your new kitchen will blend in with your overall décor choices.

Now you know where to start when replacing your old kitchen cabinet doors. With all the choices available to you, it will most certainly be a difficult decision, however, no fear, we can help out! 

Contact us today to get advice on which door may be the best for you and your family. We can provide you with these replacements or may even be able to assist with installation. 

Contact us on (08) 9456 3108 or and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to order your new doors.