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If you have an old Ikea Kitchen in your house that was purchased or installed before 2013, the chances are you most likely have Ikea Kitchen Cabinets from the discontinued Faktum range.

IKEA stopped manufacturing any items from the Faktum Range in 2013 meaning anyone who had this Ikea Kitchen cabinet range could no longer purchase any replacement doors to refresh their cabinets in the event of damage or even just the desire to reface the kitchen. When Ikea discontinued the faktum range, it was replaced with the new Metod range, unfortunately none of the sizing or drilling locations are the same on the metod range as they were on the Faktum range so clients with a Faktum Kitchen could not replace their doors with the doors from the Metod range and Ikea does not offer any other suitable replacements. This means if you have an Ikea Faktum kitchen, to replace your cabinet doors, you will need to find a custom made cabinet door manufacturer who can produce custom made doors to suit your Faktum cabinets.


The Kitchen Door Company began replacing a lot of Ikea Faktum Doors for clients and wanted to make this process as easy as possible. To do just this, The Kitchen Door Company compiled a menu of all the standard Ikea Faktum doors which allows you to choose from their own range of colours, profiles and more and create your dream doors or even doors to match your existing Ikea kitchen cabinet doors with all the sizing and drilling details already worked out for you.


If you are not confident measuring the doors yourself, the team at The Kitchen Door Company also offer a measuring service meaning the experienced team can measure up your doors for you and help order the replacements.


If you have an Ikea Faktum kitchen or even an Ikea Metod kitchen and are looking to replace the cabinet doors, contact us today on (08 9456 0165 or and the team will be happy to assist you or visit and have a look at how easy it is to order your own doors online from the comfort of your own home.