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Thinking about your hinges probably isn’t on the top of your list when renovating your kitchen, but it’s definitely something you should be considering. Soft Closing Hinges are a popular option as they slow down your cabinet doors before they close, creating loads of benefits which we have listed below.


No more slamming doors.

There’s nothing more annoying then the sound of a slamming door as someone crashes about in the kitchen. Whether the slamming is intentional or not, its very easy with convention hinges. Luckily, you can get rid of this issue when using soft closing hinges so you can enjoy a soft, smooth motion without the noise.


Safe for little fingers.

Whether you have kids living in the house or have little visitors come by often, soft closing hinges are a much safer option. Kids seem to have a knack for putting their fingers where they shouldn’t and the slowed down action of a soft closing door reduces the risk of fingers getting caught.


Less wear and tear.

With all those slamming doors, as you could imagine can take a toll on our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Soft closing hinges puts less stress on your cabinetry so there is less risk of dents, cracks and other damage compared to constant forceful closing.


Longer life for your hinges.

Another great thing about soft close hinges is they tend to last longer than conventional hinges. Because their soft closing mechanism causes less friction around the hinge, this means you don’t need to replace them as often.


A Touch of Luxury.

Incorporating soft closing hinges gives you the feel of luxury and makes your kitchen stand out compared to using conventional hinges. You’ll appreciate the peace and quite that comes with the soft closing feature which is why its often found in high end kitchen makeovers and small details such as soft closing hinges can make a big difference to your final product.


If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and would like some more information on soft closing hinges, be sure the speak with us. The Kitchen Door Company can help with all aspect of your kitchen renovation, and we offer a large range of doors, drawers and accessories. Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or