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Real wood cabinet doors have been a standard for many years, but does this mean that it is the best choice in a modern kitchen. Wood was typically used as the only material for generations, but with the manufacture of synthetic products, laminated doors have become increasingly popular. If you’re still unconvinced, here we’ll explore the reasons why you should choose laminate for your new kitchen.

It Looks the Same

Until roughly ten years ago, melamine doors or laminated doors had a bit of a bad reputation. Solid wood was considered the gold standard, as it was obvious when cabinets were not “real wood.” However, today laminated doors are designed to look exactly like wood. These “wood” options even have grain, so you can enjoy the appearance of authentic wood without worrying about staining or warping. Whether you prefer a minimal wood grain look or prefer to have a rich texture, there are laminated doors to suit your requirements.

High Quality without the Higher Price Tag

Laminated doors will always have a lower price tag compared to solid wood, but you may be surprised at how much you can save. Depending on your choice, you could save up to 50%, so it is easy to get that high quality look even on a tighter budget. Additionally, since you don’t need to worry about warping, you can enjoy that high quality finish for many years to come.

Variety of Choice

Since laminate is an engineered product, there is a massive choice of options. There are so many finished on offer that simply cannot be replicated with real wood. So, whether you want a wood toned, warm traditional cabinet door or a contemporary, bright white shaker style, there will be a laminated door option for you.

Ability to Handle Wear and Tear

The kitchen is perhaps the hardest working room of your home. Most kitchens take a real beating every day. This means that you need cabinet doors that have the ability to handle this heavy wear and tear. You’re not likely to want to have to deal with high maintenance to cope with the drips, spills, and knocks that happen in your kitchen each day. Laminated doors have this ability to deal with constant use and contact. They are very low maintenance, simply requiring a wipe down to deal with any spills or drips.

More Extensive Warranties

Since wood is prone to damage, particularly if it is not properly maintained, many manufacturers offer very minimal warranties for “real wood” kitchens. On the other hand, laminate or melamine kitchens tend to be offered with far more extensive warranties. This means that your doors, drawers, and cabinets are protected against cracking, peeling or blistering under normal conditions. Since buying a new kitchen is a significant investment in your home, it is nice to have the reassurance of a decent warranty for some years to come.

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, you should speak to us. We offer a massive choice of kitchen cabinets and doors including laminated doors and drawers. The Kitchen Door Co team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you to bring your dream kitchen into reality.