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Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors also known as Thermo-laminated doors are manufactured from an MDF panel that has been cut, routed and profiled as per the desired style, and then the whole panel is sprayed with glue and cover with vinyl that is pressed to the door using both heat and vacuum. The vinyl usually wraps all around the kitchen door, meaning there are no joins.



  1. Extensive range of door designs and profiles - Vinyl Wrap doors offer a large range of styles to suit your personal choice and style, whether you’re looking for something simple and modern, shaker or something a bit different with a unique design of routing, the choice can be yours when you choose Vinyl Wrapped doors.
  2. Durability & Low Maintenance – Vinyl Wrapped doors are highly durable, scratch resistant and wont chip, which is perfect for busy households; Vinyl Doors are very low maintenance, and just require a wipe down with warm soapy water and a dry cloth, because the vinyl is wrapped around all edges they seal out moisture meaning you don’t need to worry about them warping or swelling. When cleaning make sure to avoid harsh chemicals as this could damage the door.
  3. Price Range – One of the biggest advantages of Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen Doors is the cost! They are one of the most cost effective options available and because you get to decide your design and finish you can really customise your doors to not only suit your style but also your budget!
  4. Colours & Finishes – You will have a large range of colours and finishes to choose from when looking at Vinyl Wrapped doors, with finishes like Breeze(Slightly textured), Satin and Gloss matched with your choice of colour you will be able to create your dream space using Vinyl Doors.



  1. Orange Peel Effect - Because Vinyl Wrapped doors are sprayed with glue this causes some gloss levels to show an 'orange peel effect'. This effect is more common in higher gloss finishes and vinyl doors with a recessed design. Some people don’t notice the orange peel effect on Vinyl Wrapped doors and this isn’t visible on textured finishes.
  2. Edges can peel if exposed to excessive heat– Something to keep in mind when purchasing Vinyl Wrapped doors is to ensure they wont be exposed to excessive heat as it can cause the vinyl to peel and shrink. You can purchase and install heat deflector stirps to prevent excessive heat damaging your Vinyl doors.


With Vinyl Wrapped Doors being so versatile, you will be able to achieve the look you want, your way. Overall you can see why Vinyl Wrapped doors are a popular option for use in the Kitchen, Laundry and Bathrooms. The Kitchen Door Company manufactures Vinyl Wrapped doors right here in Perth, Australia, for more information on Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors don’t hesitate to contact us. (08)9456 3108