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Renovating a kitchen can be a massive challenge, but when you’re leafing through the Ikea doors in the glossy catalogue, it can seem like your dream kitchen is within easy reach. Ikea specialises in modern designs and offers a number of different finishes, allowing you to enjoy a sleek look for your new kitchen. However, before you rush into a purchase decision, it is important that you appreciate the benefits and drawbacks of Ikea kitchen cabinets.

The Design Process

One of the best advantages of Ikea kitchens is that the company offers fantastic planning tools. The Ikea website features design tools, and there are tutorials on how to precisely measure everything. This will allow you to see the different layouts that are possible in your space. Most Ikea doors and cabinets are available in standard sizes, so this design process can help you compare other products in the marketplace.

You’ll Need Cover Panels

One potential drawback is that you need to pay careful attention to what cover panels are required. Ikea kitchen cabinets are made using MDF, so the basic boxes are only available in wood brown or white. This means that you’ll need cover panels at the ends of your cabinet runs for a more uniform look. The design program will prompt you when you’ll need a cover panel, but the program can be glitchy, so make sure you save your design frequently.

Legs and Toe Kicks

Ikea kitchen cabinets are provided with standard cabinet legs with coordinating toe kicks that are cheap. The feet are plastic that snaps into place at the base of the cabinets; these are not load bearing, but they are needed so the toe kick can be snapped to the legs. This is a precarious set up that is not particularly attractive. You may prefer to have another leg option and leave the gap between the base cabinets and floor exposed. This can look attractive and enhance practicality, as you can get a broom under your cabinets to clear up all those crumbs that seem to accumulate.

Home Assembly

Finally, you need to be aware that all Ikea products require home assembly including the Ikea doors and cabinets. Unless you are very confident with DIY, you may prefer to call in an assembly professional. Many Ikea stores offer access to assembly professionals, but this additional cost will need to be factored into the total cost of your kitchen.

While assembling cabinets may appear simple, when you factor in including shelves, installing drawer runners, and hanging the doors, it can become a major project.

While Ikea has some great products, it may not be the right choice for your new kitchen. Fortunately, there are some other great solutions in the marketplace. We offer a wide range of kitchen doors and accessories in a vast choice of finishes to rival Ikea doors.

Before you buy Ikea cabinet doors, be sure to speak to us. The Kitchen Door Company team would be delighted to discuss your requirements to help you plan your dream kitchen.