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When it comes to selecting the right product for your new kitchen cabinet doors, people often get overwhelmed with all the different options available. If you are coming to the table with a colour and style already in mind then there may only be a few products for you to choose from to achieve the colour and style you are after. A lot of products have set colours for you to choose from and you might discover they do not have the colour you are hoping for, this is when painted kitchen cabinet doors are your best friend. While this option can be quite pricey, there is good reason for it!



Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we supply Many different materials for your kitchen cabinet doors, including the brilliant option of 2-pack polyurethane paint. This option allows for your kitchen cabinet doors to be painted in any colour of your choice, whether you select a colour from the many different ranges of paint or if there is a colour you would like to have matched from an existing item, this can also be done. This means the 2-pack polyurethane painted option can achieve any colour option your heart desires.



One of the many benefits of the painted option for your kitchen cabinet doors is that the doors can have profiles in the faces, if you are wanting to have shaker style kitchen cabinet doors or even heritage or farmhouse style this is certainly possible when going for the painted option. We have 36 different profiles available on the website for you to select from which cater to the many different styles people often have.



We use 2-pack Polyurethane paint which provides and exceptional, high quality finish on the kitchen cabinet doors. Each door is manufactured using MR (moisture resistant) MDF board and is hand sanded, under coated, sanded and then top coated 4-7 times while sanding in between leaving you with a smooth, incredible finish most other products do not achieve.


Whether you are after painted kitchen cabinet doors or doors in any other products, contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or to see how we can help you with your project or answer any questions you might have, we’re here to help!