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Have you got a kitchen where the layout is fine but the style of the kitchen is not so nice? If considering a kitchen reno, pricing up the replacement of all the cabinetry can become quite an expensive project! Why not avoid this by giving your kitchen a “facelift”? By choosing to replace just the cabinet doors & panels and even the benchtop if desired, you can make your kitchen look & feel a million bucks without paying for a full reno. It’ll even take only a fraction of the time a full reno would! To achieve this, we’re here to share some tips to help with the process.


  1. Decide what style you want

By replacing the cabinet doors, you have the advantage of being able to change the style to whatever your heart desires! Whether you want a white, shaker style kitchen or a two-toned kitchen or even a style you’ve seen on Pinterest, this is your chance to go for it. There are so many colours and styles available so you can really make the kitchen your own.


  1. Select Quality Products

Unless you have the desire to redo this process all over again in the near future, you will want to ensure you select a quality product that will last you for years to come. With so many options available on the market these days, a lot of these might be of low quality, especially if they come back a lot cheaper than what the average prices are. We suggest you do some research into the products supplied by each manufacturer. Ask some questions like what board the cabinet doors are made out of, how long the warranty is, where the products are made.


  1. Find a simple DIY option

While you can hire cabinet makers and carpenters to do the measuring and installations, this is an area you can save money on and might find this is the kind of reno any DIY home renovator can do. The Kitchen Door Company can pre-drill your hinge holes where required and supply you with brand new soft-close hinges so that you can just clip the new doors on and adjust the hinges and your done. Even if you’re not confident measuring the doors yourself, you can bring them in to the showroom and our team can measure them up for you for only a small fee. These benefits help to make the DIY process as simple as possible for you.


  1. Measure Accurately

As mentioned above, The Kitchen Door Company can help when it comes to the measuring of your existing cabinet doors/panels etc, however if you wish to give it a go yourself, we recommend you get the measurements as accurately as you can as the spacing between the doors is only a few millimetres and the last thing you want to do is get some sizes wrong and have to re-order some items. Always check all your sizes are correct AT LEAST once to avoid any errors. If you still aren’t confident after checking over everything once, do it again until you are confident before you go ahead with ordering anything.



Hopefully these tips have helped if you’re looking into doing a kitchen reface! If you have any questions though the team here at The Kitchen Door Company are always happy to help. Contact us on (08) 9456 0165 or or even pop into our showroom if you like.