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Organisation is the key to a functional kitchen, but rather than thinking of it after the fact; it is a good idea to consider how you will stay organised when you’re planning your kitchen cabinet layout. One of the most effective ways to prevent kitchen disorder is to create three storage zones, and we’ll explore this concept further here.

Around the Fridge

One of the key areas of the kitchen is the fridge, and it is vital for grabbing quick snacks, meal prep and storing your leftovers. So, when you’re considering your kitchen cabinet layout, you need to reflect these storage needs. Don’t just consider how many kitchen cabinet doors you’ll have in this zone, as you also need to have adequate countertop space to allow you to put down your grocery bags as you stock your fridge.

In addition, the area around your fridge should also include a narrow and tall cabinet to accommodate your brooms, mops and other cleaning equipment, cabinets for your dry goods and any things that will accompany typical snacks out of the fridge and larger cabinets for your staples.

It is also a good idea to plan for cabinet space to accommodate your food storage containers to make prepping work lunches or storing leftovers easier.

The Sink Area

The sink is the highest traffic area in the kitchen. For this reason, sinks are usually centrally located between the cooktop and fridge. This forms one point of the all important work triangle, but it is also an important storage zone. Sinks can easily become cluttered, so your kitchen layout should include organised drawers for your flatware to make unloading the dishwasher easier, space for cutting boards, a place for dish towels, sponges and other items needed to wash and dry dishes. It is also a good idea to include provision for your bin and recycling. This can be in the form of pull out bins integrated with matching kitchen cabinet doors.

The Oven/Cooktop Area

Finally, there is the third point of the work triangle; the oven/cooktop area. In this storage zone, you’ll need dedicated storage for your pots and pans to keep them within easy reach. It is also a good idea to have warming appliances, serving bowls and platters in this zone to make it quicker and easier to get your food to the table quickly. Don’t forget to plan for countertop space nearby to be able to deposit any hot pans or dishes on a heat proof surface.

Although creating an ideal kitchen layout can be a challenge, by dividing your kitchen into three storage zones, you’ll be able to concentrate on exactly what you need to increase workflow and prioritise your unique needs.

If you’re looking to buy kitchen cabinet doors, you can rely on us. We not only have a fantastic selection of kitchen cabinet doors, but our team would be delighted to help you plan your kitchen cabinet layout so that you can enjoy your dream kitchen.