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Laminex has built up an excellent reputation in Australia for over 80 years and for a good reason too. We have seen them grow to become the leading manufacturer of laminated products/decorative surfaces and are well known for their exceptional quality and durability, along with the extensive choices available from their range.

So what is available in the Laminex range for your cabinet doors? Let’s go through the options:



Whether you’re looking for a blue oceanic colour pallet or wanting to opt for a two-toned kitchen with woodgrain and a plain colour, Laminex is where you should start. The colour range offered covers all the whites/neutrals, woodgrains, minerals and even all the plain colours from pastels to bright, bold colours, so they really can cater to everyone’s tastes.



Most ranges start with their smooth finishes, Laminex offer the natural finish which is a low sheen, smooth surface that still has a very slight standard board finish then there is the Absolute matte finish which is a super-matte, finger print resistant finish and offers an incredibly soft feel to it.

We can then look at the textured side of things, the Flint finish is a slightly textured product with a low sheen look, this is similar to the standard board finish. If you are wanting woodgrain and would really like to bring the room to life, look into the impressions range. The Nuance finish provides the effect of a sandblasted straight grain, ideal for making the woodgrains feel more real.

Of course, we can not forget about the Gloss options! The Silk Finish is a semi-gloss surface that provides the sleek look of gloss but is not so reflective and is more cost effective than high gloss options. If you are wanting a high gloss product then AbsoluteGloss is your answer, this features a highly reflective finish and leaves your room feeling luxurious and high-class.  


If you’re looking to replace your cabinet doors in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or any other areas and would like to explore the options a bit more, contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or and the team will be happy to assist.