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Are you looking to replace your Ikea Cabinet Doors?

Replacing your cabinet doors is a smart option if your cabinets are still in great condition, and rather than having to do a full remodel you can change the look of your whole space by just replacing the doors and fronts. You may think you have to go directly through Ikea to get new Ikea cabinet doors, but this isn’t the case. There are companies that are able to manufacture custom doors to suit Ikea cabinetry. The Kitchen Door Company offers custom doors that suit Ikea cabinets, making it easier for you to remove your old doors are replace them with new ones.


If you have an Ikea FAKTUM Kitchen, custom doors maybe the option for you. After more than 20 years, the Ikea FAKTUM system was replaced with the new METOD system, meaning if you have a FAKTUM Kitchen, you are unable to get replacement FAKTUM doors from Ikea. But there’s no need to worry, you can order custom doors made specifically to suit your FAKTUM Kitchen.


Getting custom made Ikea cabinet doors means you have a large variety of choice when designing your space, while Ikea has a cost effective range available, you are limited with the amount of door style options you can choose from compared to custom doors. When going for custom made doors you will have options such as: Vinyl Wrapped, Melamine, Acrylic, Painted or Raw MDF. With so much choice you will be able to choose the right doors to suit your budget, timeframe and style.


Wanting to be more Eco friendly? An added benefit when replacing just your Ikea Cabinet Doors. It can be a massive waste of resources to throw out your cabinets that are structurally sound. These cabinet boxes are more likely to end up in landfill. Unfortunately cabinet boxes are typically made for MDF, and this contains some potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, if you don’t need new cabinet boxes, you will save more trees from being unnecessarily being cut down.



Please keep in mind not all cabinets will be suitable just to replace the doors, in some cases if the cabinet boxes, drawer tracks and internal hardware elements are still in good condition. If your cabinets have damage, lack storage or your hardware isn’t working correctly, it may be worth the expense of purchasing need cabinetry not just the Ikea cabinet doors.