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When it comes to looking for new kitchen cabinet doors or replacing your old ones it can become overwhelming with how many options there are. Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we produce a large range of kitchen cabinet doors in an extensive range of materials, colours and finishes but we find two of the most popular options are Laminex doors and Vinyl Wrapped doors. Although both are great options, they do have their own pros and cons which can help you make a decision when choosing between the two. Although one product may suit someone else it doesn’t always mean it will also be the best choice for you, so keep reading to find out more about Laminex doors and Vinyl Wrapped doors and make the decision for yourself! 

Laminex Doors

Laminex doors (known as laminate doors) are made up of three layers, the bottom layer is brown paper coated with phenolic resin, the second layer is a paper decorated with the desired pattern and the third layer is a clear sheet. The second and third layers are both coated with melamine resin. 

Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we order in large sheets of your desired colour and cut the doors down to your specified sizes before applying a 1mm ABS edge to all 4 edges in your matching colour. 



  • Durability - Laminex is Australia’s leading manufacturer of laminate doors and are well known for their outstanding quality and durability. 
  • Price Range – Compared to other door products, Laminex doors are one of the most cost-effective options available. Laminex has a large range of products at different pricing points, meaning there is bound to be something to meet your budget while allowing you to achieve the look you want. 
  • Colours & Finishes – Laminex offers an extensive colour range for you to choose from, giving you lots of choices when it comes to creating your doors. As well as an extensive colour range, Laminex also offers multiple finish options for you to select from. 
  • Suitability - Laminex isn’t only used in residential homes. Because of its high durability and cost-effective options, Laminex doors are often used in high-traffic areas such as offices, schools and hospitals. 


  • Edging – Laminex doors come with a 1mm ABS edging strip covering all edges of the doors. Although they are not noticeable with most door colours, they do not give the same seamless effect as you would get with Vinyl Wrapped doors. 
  • Door Designs & Profiles – When it comes to Laminex doors you are unable to router designs in doors, meaning you can only have a flat door. 


Vinyl Wrap Doors

Vinyl Wrapped doors are manufactured from an MDF panel that has been cut down to your specified size and routered with the profile as per your desired style. The cabinet doors then get sprayed with glue and covered with a vinyl wrap that is pressed to the door using both heat and a vacuum. The vinyl is wrapped around the face and edges so there are no seen joints/edges creating that seamless look. 



  • Durability – Vinyl wrapped doors are very durable and low maintenance. They are easy to keep presentable by giving them a quick clean with just warm soapy water and a soft washcloth, perfect if you’re a messy cook or have little ones putter their hands all over the cabinet doors. 
  • Price Range – One of the main benefits of choosing a vinyl wrapped door is the cost! Vinyl wrap doors are one of the cheaper options being they are a cost-effective way of achieving your dream kitchen!
  • Colours & Finishes – Vinyl wrap doors offer a vast range of colours and finishes, ranging from your simple white gloss to natural-looking wood grain colours. Vinyl wrap doors also have a high gloss level compared to Laminex doors, so if you’re after a gloss finish vinyl wrap doors might be the one for you!
  • Extensive Range of Door Designs & Profiles – There is an extensive range of door designs and profiles that can be routered into MDF to suit everyone’s personal style. Whether you would prefer to stick with a flat door, have a shaker style or even just a bevelled profile, this can easily be achieved with vinyl wrap doors, allowing you to have more customisation.



  • Orange peel effect – As Vinyl wrap doors are sprayed with glue this can cause some gloss levels to show an ‘orange peel effect’. This effect is more common in higher gloss finishes and on doors that have a recessed design. 
  • Edging – If exposed to excessive heat, your vinyl wrap doors can begin to peel. In order to prevent this from happening to your vinyl doors you will need to ensure they won’t be exposed to excessive heat, one way to prevent this is by purchasing and installing heat deflector strips. 



Now you know a bit more about the two different kitchen door products, which one will you be choosing? Laminex Kitchen Doors or Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors, the choice is yours! 

Contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or if you would like any more information or to have a quote provided for your next project.