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Today, making greener choices doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice performance or quality. So, when you want to upgrade your kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to worry about compromising your eco friendly principles. Kitchen cabinet refacing can not only be a less costly option, but it can also be a greener choice for your home that we’ll explore in a little more detail here.


Why Are Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors More Economical?


If you’re looking for eco-friendly options for your remodel, kitchen cabinet refacing is an excellent choice. Refacing involves replacing your cabinet drawers and doors for a fresh new finish, while the cabinet boxes remain in place. When refacing your cabinets, precise measurements are taken to perfectly size your new kitchen cabinet doors for your existing cabinet boxes. You can then choose new hardware and molding to complete the look of your new kitchen, without a need to rip out your existing kitchen, creating potential damage to your walls.


Less Trees


Not only is kitchen cabinet refacing less disruptive than a conventional remodel, but you can enjoy an entirely new look with less impact to the environment. Consider how many trees are needed to create the cabinet boxes, which in most remodels are still in great shape. Typically, kitchens start to date because the doors and drawers are showing signs of age, but the actual structure of the kitchen cabinets is still fine. So, those cabinet boxes are ripped out and thrown away for no reason. By refacing, your kitchen remodel will use less materials, so you can minimise the waste in landfills. Additionally, refacing will also help to reduce the amounts of harmful emissions that are created when fuel is burned to transport the lumber needed to create new cabinet boxes.


Less Stress


In addition to being greener, cabinet refacing will allow you to skip the hassle and headache of a full remodel project without any compromise on quality and finish. It can take weeks to design a brand new kitchen and remove the existing materials before you install brand new cabinets. Refacing takes far less time at a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets. This means fewer hassles to deal with and less time away from work. There is also less disruption to your daily routine as you can continue to use your kitchen during the refacing process.


Cabinet refacing is ideal for kitchens where you’re happy with the existing layout and the cabinet boxes are in good condition. You can create a fresh new look for your kitchen without the costs of a full remodel and making a greener choice for your home. So, you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams without worrying about your environmental impact.



If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen and would like to learn more about refacing and replacement kitchen cabinet doors, be sure to speak to us. We offer a massive choice of cabinet door options in a wide variety of styles and finishes.