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Ikea cabinetry comes in set sizes with only a couple of select designs and colours to choose from. While the cabinetry is known for its affordability and they do have some good options to choose from, what do you do if you love none of those limited options? 
Have you ever thought of a custom door? Custom doors give you that designer kitchen look while still using Ikea Kitchen Cabinets. Manufacturers such as The Kitchen Door Company caters to a wider range of styles and colours that can be way more affordable than you may think. ‘Custom’ commonly comes with a stigma that means very expensive but if you do your research, you will find that this is not the case.
Now you are thinking of looking into Custom Doors Vs Ikea Doors, what should you research to help you make this decision?


With the vast amount of Custom-Made cabinet doors around today, I am sure you will be looking for a reputable company. Sourcing a manufacturer that uses well known Australian made products on your Ikea Kitchen cabinets may be the best way to go. Using these you will find high-quality materials that you can avoid replacing again in the near future. 


Ikea Kitchen Cabinets offer a couple of products for their cabinet doors. Usually, these are manufactured quite cheaply with lower-quality materials. Meaning the life of the doors is not very long, especially in a heavy kitchen use family. Ikea tends to provide three types of doors laminate, vinyl or paint. 

There are many different types of doors, however, some great quality doors that The Kitchen Door Company can provide include:

   - Laminate – Incl Laminex, Polytec and Formica. 

   - Acrylic – Stylelite 

   - Vinyl – Bonlex 

   - Painted – Solvent Free  

   - Raw MDF

Check out our blog on What is the best door for you? To figure out which option may suit your lifestyle best! 


With the long list of products that are now available, your colour choices increase to an incredible list of colours to choose from. Painted doors (Solvent Free) even allow for a colour match to be done, so if you have found a colour you have fallen in love with on any physical sample – bring it in! You can achieve this look with your custom doors. Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Doors have a limited range of doors which then means a set range of colours with no opportunity to branch out beyond this. 
Colour choice can be quite difficult when designing your new kitchen. No one wants to pick a colour and then once installed dislike their colour choice. Surprisingly there is a lot that can affect your colour choice, including kitchen lighting, both natural and electric. 
When choosing what colour scheme may be best for your kitchen, check out some blogs that may provide you with clarity on how to decide. Some of our blogs like Which paint colours will look best with white Kitchen Cabinet doors? Or How to make a small kitchen look great with black painted Kitchen Doors? And Things to Love (and possibly Hate) about white Laminex Doors, may be of assistance! 


As you already know, Ikea Kitchen Cabinets and doors are all standard sizes meaning you will need to work around the sizes they provide compared to products that allow you to work around the space you have available. 
Custom doors are all made, well custom, allowing you to suit whatever size cabinets you have. This makes your choice a whole lot easier, especially when you choose to go with a standard size cabinet but want that perfect design. 


As already mentioned above, ‘custom’ commonly comes with a stigma that means very costly. Although, this is not always the case. With a wonderfully wide range of products on the market these days, you will certainly find affordable yet high-quality doors that are suitable for all areas of your home. While you may find your Ikea Kitchen Cabinets and Doors are very affordable, however, you may find that you do get what you pay for. 


Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we provide you with custom made doors to suit your dream kitchen! If you purchase Ikea Kitchen Cabinets, head to our website where we have all the sizes and drilling sorted out so all you need to do is match up your sizes to the ones online. These doors come pre-drilled to match your hinging locations or drawer kits, so it’s as simple as clipping them on. Once you have found your size, select which style of doors and design you would like. It’s that easy!
Not 100% sure about using Ikea, standard cabinets for your kitchen? You can also check out our sister company eKitchens, where all our cabinetry is custom made to suit your kitchen space. 

The Kitchen Door Company prides itself on producing high quality, Australian Made doors at a very affordable rate. Contact us at (08 9456 3108) or to get a quote today.