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Pull out waste bins are common in traditional & modern kitchens. This type of kitchen bin uses a slide-out or tilt-out mechanism allowing ease and convenience for kitchen waste disposal and segregation. Overall, it helps you have a more organised and cleaner kitchen and dining space. 


How to Select the Best Kitchen Bins?

Size and Capacity

       Kitchen bins come in a variety of sizes and it's important to select one that fits comfortably inside your cabinet unit. If you're a household that produces a lot of waste, it’s best to choose a larger cabinet for your pull out bin so you won’t have to take frequent trips to your outside bin. 

Number of Compartments

Kitchen bins are available in a number of sizes, with up to four different compartments offered by certain labels. This feature makes them a great tool for segregating and recycling waste.
        If you’re not sure of the number of compartments you need, it is best to check the recycling rules in your area. Some localities merely allow separating just the non-recyclable and recyclable materials, whilst some have stricter standards.


Bins for cabinets

          There are built-in waste bins for cabinets with hinged and pull-out doors. In general, the bins ought to be an exact fit for the internal width of the cabinet, since runners are placed on both sides. They are affixed to the pull-out door, which ensures that you can comfortably access your bins with one smooth motion.

In-line cabinets 

          For in-line cabinets with doors sitting inside the frame of the cabinet instead of covering it, adjustments have to be made before fitting the built-in bins for either hinged or pull-out doors. Typically, you will even need to pick units made for narrower cabinets. 

Bins for drawers

         Drawer-based bins are perfect for making sure you're using kitchen space wisely. Ergonomic, practical, and highly functional drawer-based bins are great for deep pan drawers where an additional shelf for extra storage space can also be included.


         Surface-mounted bins are especially designed to fit flat into workstation surfaces. These are ideal for time-pressured cooks who need to work with waste rapidly and efficiently. This type of bin allows cooks to clear out their work area with a simple swipe, throwing the waste directly into the bin. For basically all types of countertop surfaces, these bins can be quickly retrofitted and can also be turned into waste chutes that would lead into a larger bin in the below cabinet.

4 Reasons You Need Pull Out Bins for Kitchen Waste

Smarter Storage 

          A great way of incorporating smart storage into your kitchen is installing a pull out kitchen bin. It's a practical and innovative solution to help you deal effectively with your household waste. You can simply slide out a concealed trash bin with the use of one hand, and hide it back in with ease. 


         Apart from the added convenience a concealed kitchen bin offers, another major advantage is that pull-out bins are a much more hygienic option than a bin that’s out in the open. Human exposure to potentially harmful bacteria is dramatically lessened with your waste being hidden in the cabinet. This makes your kitchen and dining area a much safer and healthier space for you and your household members. 

Easier Waste Segregation

Recycling has never been more important, so it is an absolute necessity to have a kitchen bin that makes waste separation easy.


        Ordinary trash bins can be such an eyesore. They can ruin your kitchen’s aesthetics and take up much needed space. With a pull out waste bin, you can have a better-looking, more organised, much cleaner, and more spacious area for prepping your well-loved meals.