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A lot of kitchen cupboard doors from the past were all made by hand by the cabinet makers themselves and are quite often not all equal sizes, so when it comes to time to replace these doors you will need to ensure you are getting the measurements correct, as only a couple millimetres difference can close up the required gaps and cause issues for you when it comes to the install.

Measuring your old kitchen cupboard doors can be a simple thing to do but if you are not very handy and don’t use a tape measure much you might find it a bit daunting having to measure your old doors yourself.


To start with you will want to get yourself a pen, paper and tape measure. On the paper you can start by drawing a table with 5 columns and labelling them at the top: Height, Width, Top hinge, Bottom hinge and Hinge Side.


When measuring your doors, always measure the back face of the doors only. This is because the front might have rounded edge profiles, meaning it is harder to measure the exact edge. The edges on the back are usually square and therefore easier to get a more accurate measurement from.

Measure from one edge to the other and get your measurement as accurate as you can, as each millimetre is important when it comes to kitchen cupboard doors.

Measure your height and width and fill it into the table, then we come to the hinge hole locations.

Here at The Kitchen Door Company we measure from the top edge of the door to the centre of the large hinge hole and this gives you your top hinge location.

Then repeat for the bottom hinge hole, measuring from the bottom edge of the door. Hinges usually have a few millimetres movement in them so don’t stress if you do not get an exact measurement for this, just aim to get it as accurate as you can.

Once you have filled these details out, you will also want to record what side the hinges are on. Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we determine the hinge side as the side the hinges are on when the door is closed. Standing front on looking at the front face of the door, if the hinges are on the left side, we refer to this as a Hinged Left door, if the hinges are on the right side, then we refer to this as a Hinged Right door.


Please keep in mind some companies do things differently to others so it is always recommended to confirm with the company you are ordering from, which way they measure items and determine details.

We also strongly recommend you double check all of your measurements before ordering. It might also be useful for you if you note on your list where the doors are located so you can determine easily where the new doors go.


If you would still rather have a professional measure your doors for you and you are located in Western Australia, please contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or to find out how we can help you get your doors measured and ordered. If you are based in other states of Australia and have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out and our wonderful team will be happy to help answer any questions and assist where possible, we’re here to help!