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Whether you want to give your kitchen a revamp by attempting to paint kitchen cabinet doors or are planning a renovation, many homeowners feel constrained by having a small kitchen. Many of us struggle to forget the interior design rule that dark colours should be avoided in small kitchens, so how can you make a small kitchen look great with black painted kitchen doors?

Coordinate With a Black Kitchen Island

Homeowners with a small space tend to avoid kitchen islands, so they miss out on the additional space and food prep areas offered. However, you can still have an island and make your room appear larger with a black kitchen island. Whereas a lighter coloured island would stand out and shrink the visible space, black allows the island to fade into the surroundings. If your space is very limited, consider a mobile island that can be wheeled where it is needed and moved out of the way when it is not in use.

Install Glass Door Inserts

In a small kitchen, it is important to create the impression that there is more space and you can accomplish this when you paint kitchen cabinet doors black. However, glass door inserts allow you to create an even greater effect. Glass allows the eye to add “visual” space as you can see to the back of the cabinets. This even works if you don’t want your items on show and opt for frosted or etched glass.

Add Open Shelving

A solid wall of cabinets can look imposing in even large kitchens, so in a small kitchen, it is a good idea to intersperse some open shelving to help break up your black cabinetry. Shelving opens up the space, while providing additional storage space. You can even combine this effect with lighter coloured accents such as wall colours or accessories to enhance the feeling of space.

Create Lighter Transitions

One design standard is that brighter and lighter features allow rooms to look larger. Just because you are opting for all black cabinets, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply this tenet. You’ll just have to try using this differently by creating light transitions. For example, you could pair your dark cabinets with lighter countertops, particularly if you choose a pattern that picks up the cabinet colour. You can continue these brightening effects with a light splashback. For example, you may wish to consider a glass tile splashback that will add a light colour and create luminosity with the inherent shimmer. You can finish the overall look by choosing a light paint colour for your walls to tie in the whole look.

Remember that design “rules” can be broken and you don’t need to sacrifice your personal preferences and style. Black painted kitchen doors can have a bold impact on your kitchen design, regardless of whether you have a large or small room. With a little planning and attention, you can enjoy this contemporary trend without making your room feel tiny.

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, you should speak to us. We offer a wide selection of cabinets and cabinet doors including unfinished products that allow you to paint kitchen cabinet doors to your personal preferences. You’ll also find our team ready to answer any queries to help you plan your dream kitchen.