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If you want to keep your sparkly, new kitchen cabinet doors looking just that, you will want to ensure you are taking care of them correctly. Sometimes while you might think you are doing the right thing, you can actually be contributing to shortening their lifespan unknowingly. Being in the industry for years, we know a thing or two about how to look after them and have listed below some tips to help you take care of your new cabinet doors and get the best out of them.


Keep it gentle

Your new cabinet doors should be cleaned regularly if you want them to last a lifetime but don’t get too rough with it! Try stick with only using warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean any dust or grime from them. Any abrasive cleaning products or materials such as scourers, can scratch and damage your cabinet doors so steer clear of these. Give your cabinet doors a good clean every week or two to keep them looking their best.


Avoid spillages becoming stains

We know there’s times after a big day of preparing meals, when you look back at the mess in the kitchen and would much rather sit down and put your feet up than get into cleaning up that big scary mess, BUT, that mess can be the difference between your doors looking their best or looking old and grubby for the rest of their life. If there are any spills on the doors, you will want to address and remove them immediately to avoid it staining your cabinet doors permanently. The longer you leave the stain there, the harder it will become to remove it so try get onto any spillages immediately.


Avoid water damage

While water can look innocent, it sure can turn things ugly when you’re looking the other way.

If you notice you have spilt any water on your cabinet doors or inside your cabinets, be sure to clean up the water and dry the area straight away. Water or heavy moisture over time can deteriorate the condition of your cabinetry and cabinet doors. Avoid hanging wet tea towels on your cabinet doors as this can cause too much moisture and lead to long term issues down the track.


Don’t forget the hardware

The condition of the hardware on your cabinet doors plays a big part of the condition of the doors themselves so be sure to take care of your hardware as well.

We recommend removing the hardware regularly and giving it a good scrub to remove any built up grime or dust, this will help avoid the hardware rusting over time and deteriorating, which in turn, will help keep your cabinet doors looking and functioning their best. We suggest removing the hardware before cleaning them to avoid any accidental damage to the cabinet doors while cleaning.


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