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When refacing your kitchen with your new replacement kitchen cabinet doors, you may wonder should I also replace the kickboards in the same colour as my kitchen cupboard doors? The answer is yes!

Often, one of the main things that are forgotten when customers reface their kitchen is the kitchen cabinet kickboards. These kickboards separate the cabinet from the floor and conceal the base for a clean and fuss-free look. Due to kickboards being so close to the ground, they can get scratched up during general kitchen use, so leaving them the same may distract from the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinet doors.

Now that you have decided to replace your kickboards, in the same as your kitchen door colour or even a contrasting colour, how do you order and install your new kickboards? Depending on your DIY skills and your available tools, installing your new kickboards can be a simple task!

Ordering your new Kickboards 

To order your new kickboards, you need to begin by measuring the space that your kickboards need to cover. From the floor to the bottom of the cabinet (height) and then the width that your kickboard needs to run along the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. Keep these measurements handy for when you are cutting your kickboards to size!

Next up is to decide on the colour or style you are going to go with. Will you match your kitchen cabinet doors or go for a modern look and stick with stainless steel kickboards?

When refacing your kitchen cabinet doors, you have a wide range of choices including vinyl wrap kitchen doors, painted kitchen doors, laminated doors, or acrylic doors. Kickboards, like doors, come in many different options. Whatever option you choose, ensure you research the pros and cons of each style (check our blog on Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors – What is the best door for you? to help you choose!).

Installing your new kickboards

Begin installing your kickboards, by marking out on the kickboards where you need to make the cuts (remember those measurements you were keeping handy earlier!?).

Next, place your kickboard with the front of the kickboard face down on your sawhorse. Ensure you have placed thick cardboard underneath when you clamp it down to prevent scratching the front of the kickboard. Then cut the kickboard to size with a circular saw.

Top Tip 1 - DON’T FORGET! Your safety gear! Ensure you always protect yourself while renovating.

Top Tip 2 – If possible, get someone to assist you by helping to keep the laminate stable as you cut. This is to minimise the risk of crooked lines and snapped laminate.

Once complete, check if your kickboards fit underneath your cabinet. Remember, flooring can sometimes be uneven, meaning you may need a small height kickboard in certain parts of your kitchen. Never fear! A handy trick is to use a planer to plane the bottom of the kickboard to suit your flooring.

After your kickboards fit keep them against your cabinet feet and measure out where you will need to put drill holes inside your cabinet and on the kickboard to secure your kickboard from the top. Once this is done, halve the thickness of the laminate and add this to your measurement to find the correct drilling distance.

Lastly, using the line you have marked out on the kickboard, drill the pilot holes in your kickboard for your screws. The standard for each cabinet is to have two screw holes, allowing you to screw your kickboards into place just below the surface.

Not confident drilling through your cabinet to secure the kickboard? Try Adjustable feet clips! These clips screw on the back of the kickboard and then clip onto your smart legs. 

Remember to keep in mind that a lot of time and effort can go into measuring, cutting and placing kickboards yourself. Sometimes with renovations, things can go wrong while you are completing them. You may, accidentally snap the laminate on your kickboard, cut the wrong measurements or drill the kickboards unevenly. These mistakes can lead to a waste of resources or time. 

 If you do not feel confident in being a DIY-er, or would prefer to not use your time on a project like this, get in touch with a professional to make your life easy and complete the job in a timely and skilful way.

Here at The Kitchen Door Company, check out our selection of easy to install, pre-cut kickboards. Stressless about the job you need to do and focus on enjoying your new and improved kitchen! We can also help out if you prefer to go the professional route.

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