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The most important aspect of designing a kitchen is choosing the kitchen cabinets. Your choice of cabinet will define your space and set the tone for your room. One trend that is gaining traction in the kitchen design world is naked kitchens, and this innovative look can be achieved with Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Your Choice of Colours

When you start researching naked kitchens, you’re likely to find inspiration in a variety of colours. Dark and moody deep colours can create an industrial vibe, while neutral shades can create an airy, bright aesthetic. Fortunately, Ikea cabinet doors are available in a rainbow of colours, so you can choose a colour to suit your preferences and room style. Remember that your cabinet colour choice will be influenced by your space. Smaller rooms tend to work better with lighter colours, as dark colours can make the room feel even smaller. Larger kitchens tend to be more forgiving for your choice of cabinet colours, but look at the amount of natural light your room receives. If natural light is limited, it is a good idea to stick to lighter shades or plan your lighting and other kitchen elements carefully to avoid the room looking gloomy. 

Why Ikea?

Ikea kitchen cabinets offer some very impressive benefits to homeowners looking to renovate their kitchen. Not only are the kitchens more budget friendly, but you can also install the kitchen yourself, avoiding costly installation fees. The Ikea cabinets are decent quality, and the instructions are easy to follow. However, there is another advantage; you don’t need to buy your cabinet doors from Ikea. You can buy your carcasses from Ikea and then choose your Ikea doors from a third party, like here at The Kitchen Door Company. We offer fantastic door options with more variety than the standard range at Ikea. This also provides a great opportunity to create a naked kitchen. 

The Naked Kitchen Basics

Naked Kitchens is a UK based kitchen company that has developed a range of cabinet styles with clean lines and rustic charm. However, here in Australia, buying a kitchen from the UK is not realistic, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t take inspiration from this great company. 

As the name suggests, Naked Kitchens are based around a simplistic approach. The cabinet doors are sprayed different colours, but the main feature of these kitchens is that they are naked of cabinet hardware. While this may seem strange, you have a couple of options for opening the cabinet doors and drawers.

The first option is to have holes drilled into the doors to use as an opener. However, if you want an even more sleek look, you can install fixings that allow you to push the door and have it click open or closed. 

Create a Whole New Look

Of course, you can take the Naked Kitchen inspiration even further to create a whole new look. With the basics of Ikea kitchen cabinets, you can choose doors and drawer fronts from us to create a fantastic aesthetic. 

The process of ordering your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts is simple. At the Kitchen Door Company, we offer doors compatible with Ikea kitchen cabinets. All you need to do is use the Ikea resources to design your new kitchen and then create a list of the doors and drawers you’ll need. Our design team can work with you to choose the perfect doors to create your desired look for your new kitchen.

Although the Ikea design tool can be a little complicated to use, it will help you to detail all of the cabinet components you’ll need to complete your kitchen. Just be sure to omit the doors, as you’ll be ordering these separately. 

Whether you want to go shaker style with a Naked Kitchen look or want to take the inspiration even further with an ultra sleek, modern aesthetic, we have cabinet door options to suit your preferences. 

You can also take your design aesthetic further with soft close hinges to provide a sophisticated finish to your new kitchen.

Update Your Kitchen

Of course, if you already have a functional kitchen and want to just improve the overall look, you can update your kitchen without needing a full renovation. The Kitchen Door Company offers cabinet refinishing for Ikea and other cabinet styles. The main considerations are that your cabinet carcasses are in good conditions, you’re happy with the layout and you’re satisfied with the interior storage, since all you will be doing is replacing the doors and any hardware. 

Whether you have an Ikea kitchen or other cabinets, we offer a variety of styles, colours, and designs to help you to create a fresh, new look in your kitchen. This includes doors, drawer fronts, and even panels for your integrated appliances, so you can design a seamless look. Additionally, if you’re not comfortable with your DIY skills, you can bring your old drawers and doors into our facility and our team will replace them with your brand new ones. We can even replace your old hardware on your new doors. All our products are made using Australian moisture resistant MDF, and we offer a choice of over 500 different finishes, colours, and designs to choose from. We also offer soft closing hinges as standard for even greater functionality. 

A new kitchen can immediately improve the aesthetics of your home, creating an attractive place to prepare meals, socialise, and entertain. Your new cabinets will allow you to showcase your space, making it a pleasure to use your kitchen once again. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or renovate your space, we offer solutions to allow you to create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.

If you are considering Ikea kitchen cabinets and need compatible Ikea doors, be sure to speak to us. The Kitchen Door Company team is on hand to answer any of your queries to help you find the perfect Ikea cabinet doors to bring your dream kitchen into reality.