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Have you recently given your kitchen a facelift with some new kitchen cabinet doors? Do you know what is required to look after your doors and get the most out of them? Well read on to find out the helpful tips to do just that!


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Simple is the way

Your cabinet doors do not require intense cleaning and maintenance to keep them clean! Stick with just warm soapy water and a soft wash cloth or sponge, this is all your doors need. Aim to give them a clean every week, followed by a wipe down with a clean, dry cloth. If you spill any food on your doors though, it is highly recommended to clean this off immediately to avoid any staining.


Stay away from Abrasives

There is an incredible amount of cleaning products and chemicals on the market these days, a lot of which are abrasive and will be a nightmare for your new kitchen cabinet doors.  Products such as steel wool, magic erasers, abrasive cream cleaners and bleach based products will only lead to irreparable damage on your cabinet doors so steer clear of these.


Avoid moisture

In the event you find there is moisture on or near your doors, it is recommended to clean this off straight away to avoid moisture damage occurring. Check on areas such as the sink or dishwasher as these are key places where water can spill without realising and will often find it’s way into an unsealed area. Try to avoid hanging any damp tea towels or wet wash cloths on your kitchen cabinet doors as well.



A lot of people don’t realise the effect sunlight can have on the lifespan of your kitchen cabinet doors. If your cabinet doors are in direct sunlight a lot of the time, it may be worth investing in some blinds or products that can block the sunlight from the kitchen cabinet doors to avoid fading from occurring on the doors faces/seen edges.


If you’re looking to replace your kitchen cabinet doors, contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 or to find out how we can help. You can even order your own new cabinet doors online through The Kitchen Door Company.