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Kitchen splashbacks are an important part of your kitchen as they are one of the most visible features, and can pull the whole look together. You want to make sure your splashback compliments your kitchen space whether your aiming for a contrasting colour or something more neutral. Lets go through some tips to help you decide on what colour splashback is going to work best for your kitchen.


Size of the space

When it comes to the colour of your splashback make sure to consider the size of the space. Choosing a darker splashback for a smaller space might not the best option as it can make the space feel even smaller then it actually is. If your kitchen is on the larger end of the scale and you decide to go with a brighter colour, think if the splashback might take away from the rest of your kitchen.



Having a neutral kitchen continues to be the most popular option when deciding on colour schemes. Neutral colours are such a popular option because they are timeless, sophisticated and elegant. Neutral splashbacks can complement the tones of the kitchen without being too overbearing. If going for a white kitchen, choosing a neutral white splashback isn’t your only choice, as sometimes trying to match white on whites can become difficult. Think about other neutral colour option such as greys, creams, pale blues and greens, or darker colours such as navy.


Pop of colour

If you have chosen neutral colours for your walls and cabinets in your kitchen, you might want your splashback to add a pop of colour and contrast to your space. Blue and Green tones have become popular for homeowners looking to add a splash of colour. Adding a brighter colour as your splashback is a great way to add your personality to your kitchen. Its always a good idea to make sure the brighter colour will still blend with the rest of your house.


Complementary colour scheme

Don’t forget to think about the colour scheme in the rest of your home, the colour choices your make in the kitchen will impact adjoining areas. Your splashback decision can even tie your areas together by matching the feature colour with items such as couch cushions, vases, and other accessories in your home.

We recommend getting a sample of the splashback to take home and see how it works within your space. Splashbacks can look very different in a display warehouse compared to your own home as lighting and reflecting colours can change the overall look.


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