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Since the majority of kitchen cabinets are not sold with their hardware, you’ll need to decide what cupboard handles you want to pair with your choice. This can be a challenging task as there are so many different finishes and styles to choose from. So, here we’ll explore in a little more detail how to choose cabinet handles for your new kitchen.


Follow a Theme

Your choice of kitchen cupboard handles will impact the overall theme of your new decor. So, you’ll need to think about what hardware will work best with your kitchen theme. Sleek pulls tend to work best with a streamlined, contemporary kitchen, while simple knobs will allow the detail of traditional cabinets to be showcased. If you want to create a country kitchen look, opt for hardware with an antique finish, such as bronze or brushed pewter.


Think Cohesive Finish

Kitchen cabinet door handles are available in a wide range of finishes and while mixing and matching can be fine, you should ensure that you have a cohesive look. Try to maintain a similar finish and keep to close colours where possible. If you’re forced to buy your cabinet hardware from more than one place, try to keep a cohesive finish throughout your kitchen.


Consider Knobs or Pulls

You’ll also be faced with the decision of whether to choose knobs or pulls. Knobs tend to be smaller and simpler, while pulls can be a little more ornate. So, if you want to add detail to your cabinetry, consider pulls, but if you want your cabinetry to be the centre of attention, a knob may be a better choice.


Consider Your Cabinet Colours

The colour of your cabinetry is just as crucial as the cabinet style when you choose cabinet handles. Almost any finish can work with white or painted cabinets, but some shades may not be as flexible. So, when you’re looking at samples, be sure to compare the hardware against the style and colour of your cabinets.


Consider Your Fixtures and Appliances

Remember that your cupboard handles are not the only hardware in your new kitchen. You will also need to think about your light fixtures, sink, and appliances. Although mixing different metal finishes may be on trend now, if you want a more timeless look, you may prefer to have a more coherent look. If the colours or finishes clash, you’re likely to find that the cohesiveness of your new kitchen will be disrupted, detracting from the beauty of your new cabinetry.


Don’t Overlook the Quality

Remember that your cabinet handles will see a lot of traffic. While the aesthetics are important, you need to consider that your handles will be used day in, day out throughout the year. So, it is crucial that you choose the hardware that is strong and sturdy.

If you’re upgrading your kitchen and are considering cabinet handles, be sure to speak to us. The Kitchen Door Company not only has a fantastic selection of cabinetry, but we also offer a superb choice of cupboard handles to put the finishing touch to your new kitchen.