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Although kitchen door handles may seem a trivial part of your kitchen makeover, choosing the right cabinet handles can take a nice kitchen to something that is truly special. Therefore, if you want to design a beautiful kitchen, you need to give some careful thought to the type of hardware you choose for your kitchen doors. So, here we have some professional advice to help you choose the right hardware to showcase your new kitchen aesthetic.

Look for a Style Suited to Your Kitchen

It may seem obvious, but while there is no right and wrong choice of cabinet handles, it must complement the other elements of your kitchen. So, it is crucial to look for a style of hardware that is suited to your kitchen style. Modern kitchen cabinets and decor tend to work well with sleek and simple designs. So, if you have a high gloss cabinet door, look for metal handles with minimal detailing, such as tubular or rectangular bar style handles. If you have a more traditional or country style kitchen, it may be better suited to wooden knobs or brass handles. You may even find that copper handles work well, particularly if you have other copper accents, such as appliances or copper pans on a display rack.

Consider Your Appliances

As we touched on above, you need to think about how your appliances will impact your decor. While cabinetry will take up most of the space in the room, appliances tend to draw the eye, unless they are integrated. So, if you have stainless steel appliances, having brass handles can look out of place. While white appliances may appear to coordinate with everything, they may not go well with black handles, unless you’re aiming to create a monochrome look.

Assess Practicality

While you may fall in love with a great looking handle, you may regret an impulse purchase if you don’t assess its practicality. Cabinet handles are used day in, day out, so you need to be comfortable using them. While a small delicate handle may appear fantastic, if your teenage son finds it too small, you may end up with a few slammed cabinet doors. You need to give some thought to who will be using the hardware on a daily basis inside your household, so you can choose a style that will not annoy you in the years to come.

Think About Scale

Finally, you need to think about how the hardware will look on different sized cabinet doors and drawers. A chunky bar style handle may look fantastic on a large larder style cabinet, but it could overwhelm a smaller cabinet or a drawer unit. Remember, you can always contrast your hardware, so you can use knobs on drawers and handles on cabinets, but be sure to look at the two styles together to make sure they complement each other and your cabinet doors.

If you’re struggling with kitchen door handles, Perth based The Kitchen Door Company is here to help. We offer a variety of cabinet handles, and our team members would be delighted to help you choose the perfect kitchen door handles to complement your new kitchen design.