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Cabinets play an important role in the overall ambience of the house. That’s why it gets quite exciting when you have the chance to customise your kitchen cabinet doors – as it allows you to personalise the comforts of your space. Over the years, high-gloss cabinets have been gaining the attention of many homeowners because of their elegant and sweet finish. While they are best suited for a contemporary-style kitchen, understanding their features will also help in identifying how they can best complement your style and the other home decors in your house.

How High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Look – and other details you must know

High gloss kitchen cabinet doors will totally be an impressive addition to your modern kitchen renovation. Not only do they make the room feel brighter, but they also work really well in opening up small spaces. Now, if you are planning to craft your own cabinet design, you also must get acquainted with the kinds of looks that high gloss cabinets come with.


Often called RTF or Rigid Thermal Foil, Thermofoil is a type of cabinet door that looks and feels almost the same as finished cabinet doors. These are made from a durable kind of vinyl that is easy to clean and can last for a long period of time. This is frequently used in condominiums and homes that require a quick upgrade. The only drawback of this kind of door is its inability to withstand too much heat and moisture as these eventually cause the layers to fall off.


Lacquered wood cabinets are the most popular in the DIY community among the three high-gloss options. This is because it’s totally budget-friendly and easy to apply. In just a few minutes, it can dry up and provide a smooth, mirror-like finish to your kitchen door.


Basically, acrylic is a non-toxic material that will ultimately provide a flawlessly smooth texture to your cabinet. Compared to other types of high-gloss kitchen cabinet doors, acrylic doors are more durable and won’t easily peel. These provide a mirror-like finish because these are made from hard-synthetic, high-quality plastic. Moreover, these come in various colours and can be customised into different kinds of sizes. Aside from that, acrylics are also known to have high heat and moisture resistance – that means it won’t easily get cracked, chipped, stained and scratched! Upgrading your kitchen requires a series of big decisions. There are numerous things that you must consider – from style to layout and the overall look that you want to achieve in your personal sanctuary. So, to help you decide how to go about the things that you have to deal with regards to your cabinet doors, here are some of the important things that you have to know about high-gloss kitchen cabinet doors

Pros: The Advantages of High-Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Reflects light

Because high gloss acrylic kitchen cabinets reflect light, they make the part of the house feel more spacious and brighter. If you have limited working space, these will absolutely work in great advantage. Also, the light reflection helps absorb the light out of the room if you choose a darker shade of colour.

Visually appealing

By nature, high-gloss finish is totally attractive and dynamic. It offers an incredible textural contrast that does not only make your kitchen sophisticated, but also spacious. It would entice most members of the family to eat meals and do food preparations in the kitchen because of its inviting appeal – thereby realising the kitchen’s purpose as a space where people get to enjoy each other’s company over gastronomic delights.

Easy to clean

Probably one of the biggest advantages of high-gloss cabinets is the fact that it is super easy to clean – you literally just need to wipe off the stains with a damp, non-scratch cloth and then you’re good to go! No additional cleaning materials or expensive cleaning solutions needed.


Another great advantage is that these cabinets are waterproof and don’t require special kinds of treatments or sealants for them to last longer.

Cons: The Disadvantages of High-Gloss Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Noticeable marks and scratches

Because of its reflective property, light fingerprints, dirt, and even scratches can be easily spotted on these kinds of cabinets in comparison to matte or semi-gloss cabinets. In addition, if you have chosen dark colours for your high gloss acrylic kitchen cabinet doors, the marks become more noticeable; therefore, it would require regular cleaning and additional effort for maintenance.

Requires Frequent Cleaning

Yes, it’s easy to clean but because of the fingerprints and smudges that easily show on the surface, these kinds of cabinet doors require frequent cleaning. That’s the reason why there are homeowners who opt to only apply high-gloss on higher cabinets – so that the children at home won’t be smearing dirt and leaving their fingerprints all over the place.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that, outstanding quality and luxury never come cheap. As these high-gloss doors are quite popular among homeowners, they tend to be more expensive than the other types of doors. This means you must spare a good part of your budget for this particular aspect of your kitchen – not only during purchasing but as well as for maintenance. Nonetheless, high-gloss kitchen doors are totally worth the investment.


High-gloss kitchen cabinet doors totally look beautiful and sophisticated when mounted. Not only do they create an ultra-modern look, they are also worth every penny and are a much less expensive option than a total cabinet replacement. By simply adding high-gloss cabinet doors, you can instantly amp up the style and functionality of your beloved cooking and dining space. For high-quality kitchen cabinet doors that will suit your style and budget, The Kitchen Door Company is at your beck and call.