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Kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and handles are crucial components of most kitchen designs. They’re simply the first few things your guests would notice when they enter your kitchen. It is important to get certain details right. Fortunately these days, you have a broad variety of options and possibilities.

Whether you are planning your first kitchen look or renovating, choosing a kitchen drawer is important. The style and finish you pick will have a huge impact. Quality is crucial and the best choice is a well-built kitchen drawer with the best materials. Though quality can mean extra expense, with the right help and guidance you can get the best deals to suit your budget. 

Choosing Kitchen Drawer Styles Based on Items You’ll Store

Items like food, glasses and dishes, cookbooks, food containers are best stored in upper kitchen drawers. They need to be in kitchen drawers above the counter that will be easily accessible.

Food containers in kitchen drawers is only recommended when your house does not have a pantry. As much as possible, store food in the pantry and leave the kitchen drawers for utensils like pots, pans, and appliances. 

For faster cleaning and storage, place glasses and dishes directly over either the drying rack or dishwasher so it can be stored easily when cleaning is done. 

While for cookbooks, you can place them in non-prime kitchen drawers as you will not use them frequently like food. Try adding a small shelf for cookbooks if you have extra wall space.

Place the glass and plastic food containers right over the counter area you use when storing leftovers or preparing weekly meal plans.

Bottom kitchen drawers, on the other hand, are good for non-food items like appliances, pots, pans, baking sheets, mixing bowls, cutting boards, salad spinners and cleaning supplies.
Kitchen equipment should be in the bottom drawers just below the main work area for quick access during meal planning and preparation. When you make regular use of an appliance, consider transferring it to your countertop for convenient access.

In the bottom cabinet, place your kitchen pots and pans, with pans on the side to maximise space. For easy cleaning and storage, store mixing bowls, cutting boards, salad spinners as close to the drying rack or dishwasher as possible.
In the lower cabinet, place your kitchen cleaning products ideally under the sink. Never stock cleaning items above or on the same rack with food products.

Shapes of Kitchen Drawers Available

Kicker Drawers. They are ideal for storing cooking trays and platters that are hard to stack. It can utilise the space that is usually wasted. Kicker drawers can significantly improve the convenience of your kitchen. Everything is easily accessible with a kick as its name implies. Sink Drawers. This is a more practical use of kitchen drawers. It allows you to store items that can fit in a top drawer designed to accommodate your sink and its plumbing; while the bottom drawers are for storing other items like cleaning materials for the kitchen or the bin system.

Kitchen Drawer Fronts

Kitchen drawer fronts or sometimes called a drawer face is an essential aspect when choosing your kitchen drawers. If your kitchen drawer is still in good condition but you’d like a whole new look and feel for your kitchen, replacing just your kitchen drawer fronts can save you money and time.

Types of Drawer Fronts

Acrylic drawer fronts

Acrylic drawer fronts are ideal for any contemporary kitchen design and are available in a broad variety of colours and finishes. Acrylic panels, like wooden shades, are offered in high gloss, matte and special decorative designs. Acrylic sheets are 17 times stronger than glass, which is evidence of the quality of the substance. Acrylic kitchen drawer fronts are lightweight and a better alternative to glass. It has low water absorption and can resist UV damage. You can also easily machine, fabricate or glue them.

Modern drawer fronts

Modern kitchen drawer fronts have minimal embellishments. They are simple and appear to have flat styles with no decorations. Flat drawer types may also be manufactured with or without handles, which are simple to clean and typically the most inexpensive type. Choose a sleek, streamlined look without handles for a more minimalist approach. You can also have your handles customised based on your preference. You can also try picking a bright kitchen cabinet paint for your home for a more vibrant feel.

Decorative drawer fronts

If you cannot find the colour that you want, painted kitchen drawer fronts might be the one for you. You have an infinite choice of colour combinations and the freedom to select a door style. Painted kitchen drawer fronts are available in satin and matte, with an unlimited range of finishes and a wide variety of door styles. The only disadvantage of this is that painted kitchen drawer fronts can be labour-intensive. Make sure to hire the best painters so you’re guaranteed of quality work.

Laminex drawer fronts

Laminex is a brand that specialises in contemporary products like benchtops, cabinetry, and panels. It has a wide range of styles and built to stand for decades. It has four decor categories namely whites and neutrals, woodgrains, minerals and accents. You can also have its surface manufactured to have chemical-resistance and anti-microbial properties. The Kitchen Door Company has been a trusted provider of kitchen doors and drawers that suit your taste and budget.

We also offer a variety of accessories to amp up the look and functionality of your kitchen. You also have the option to order custom-made kitchen drawer fronts online on our website. All drawer fronts are made right here in WA which is approximately 30 km away from Perth CBD.

For a small additional fee, you can also simply drop off all your old kitchen drawer fronts. We will measure, match, replace, or refit them to help you achieve a brand-new kitchen look without having to spend much. Remember if you have any questions, we are here to help, so send us an email or pick up the phone and call us now at (08) 9456 0165.