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IKEA is easily one of the leading experts in furniture, and that includes kitchen design. They take pride in their half-a-century of kitchen design experience built by decades of listening to their customers.

Their design principle is built on creating kitchens to meet your everyday needs. Their variety of items help you create kitchens you love because of their style and functionality.

IKEA also offers kitchen planning solutions to help you design a kitchen you would love spending hours in.

One of IKEA’s strongest kitchen furniture lines is the METOD cupboard selection. A well-organised kitchen is one you’ll definitely love spending time in, and having Metod cupboards can surely help you get organised. 

With the right design, you can efficiently go about your day to day kitchen tasks. They have cabinets and drawers designed to help you make sure your kitchen rarely becomes a mess. Even preparing for huge parties or huge meal preps can become easier and smoother with a properly designed kitchen.

Overview of IKEA Metod Cupboards

We all have different needs and experiences when it comes to our kitchen. IKEA’s Metod selection has a flexible kitchen system that allows you to build the kitchen of your dreams.

They have cabinets in various sizes, drawers, organisers, and even things to help you manage waste. The various cabinet sizes also reflect the door sizes available for this collection.


High Cabinets

High cabinets are ideal for storing cleaning gadgets and products close by. This makes it easier to keep your kitchen clean.

Deep high cabinets are also utilised for storing bulky kitchen appliances, dry food, oil, and vinegar.

These cabinets are also perfect for putting ovenware, baking sheets, etc. within working height.

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets and drawers help you keep light and delicate kitchenware in place. When kept eye level, they’re great for storing glasses, mugs, and jars. They’re best placed close to the dishwasher or the sink so it’s easier to store away clean dishes.

Deep Corner Cabinets

These are best for storing large, bulky items that aren’t used as much. Add a deep corner cabinet to your kitchen for storing large cooking utensils and pots.

Sink Cabinet

A perfect location for recycling bins especially food preparation will be done around it. Sinks are typically placed next to the dishwasher, usually with the same front as the rest of the kitchen for that sleek appeal.


Base Cabinet

When placed between the hob and built-in oven, you can have space for everything that would be handy for your meal preparations or any other kitchen chores. 

This cabinet can be used for spices, foil, oven gloves, pot stands, and other items.

With these in mind, you can choose the perfect cupboard doors for your IKEA Metod kitchen.

Their cabinet doors come in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes. Each one has its own unique look depending on the vibe you’re going for: modern, classic, rustic---they have it!


Custom IKEA Metod Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Their cabinets and other furniture are great without a doubt, but the selection for doors for IKEA Metod kitchens can be limiting. There’s only so much you can do with the IKEA kitchen cupboard doors available today. If you want a kitchen that suits your personal style and needs, you might want to look into custom IKEA kitchen cupboard doors.  Custom doors also help you spend 30-40% less on your custom kitchen without sacrificing style or quality.  There are now many 3rd-party companies designing and manufacturing custom IKEA kitchen cupboard doors. These companies are knowledgeable about the dimensions and workings of IKEA cabinets so their doors can coordinate with IKEA Metod cupboard doors with ease.  You can easily order a design that fits your design needs or request a custom design to make the kitchen of your dreams the kitchen of your home.

Here are different ways you can customize your IKEA kitchen cupboard doors!

Custom Cupboard Door Material

IKEA Metod doors can be made from various materials depending on the vibe you are going for. 

Standard IKEA doors are made of Medium Density Fiberboard. It’s sturdier than particle board and plywood without sacrificing affordability.

You can get yours done in similar affordable materials or seek out real wood. You can find IKEA doors made of European hardwood, maple, birch, and more.

Custom Cupboard Door Finish

IKEA doors have a sturdy melamine finish. With a custom door, you can choose a variety of patterns and colours for your cupboard door.

Finishes can either be painted or printed. You can also opt for them to be whitewashed, black-stained, or stick to a natural wood finish with stellar designs.
Knobs and Handles
You can further personalise your IKEA cabinet doors with an array of knobs and handles. It all depends on what you’re looking for. 

The kitchen of your dreams is within reach whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend more for a long-term investment.

Many custom IKEA doors match the price of the standard ones they have in their catalogue. Think about the kitchen you want and order custom cupboard doors for your next kitchen project!