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When considering kitchen accessories, the humble bin is often overlooked. However, the dirty job of handling rubbish and recycling is a tough task, and you need to ensure that you choose the right bin for your new kitchen. Here are just some reasons why you should give a pull out bin more consideration when choosing your kitchen supplies.

Everything Out of Sight

No one enjoys looking at rubbish, and when you’re also dealing with recycling, it can get very messy, very quickly. However, a pull out bin will keep everything out of sight. This type of bin allows all of your rubbish, recycling, and other bins neatly tucked away, but within easy reach.  

A Seamless Integration

Since a pull out bin is simply a very deep drawer, it is easy to integrate into your kitchen cabinetry. This means that you can add some superb functionality into a traditional or contemporary kitchen design. The pull out bin drawer can be faced with a false front or even two fronts so that it can seamlessly blend into your scheme.

Fantastic Ease of Use

Whether you’re a keen cook or just have a busy home, sweeping chopping remnants or breakfast detritus can be a tricky prospect. While you can try collecting the bits into a pile and carrying it to the bin or bringing your bin to the kitchen surface, you’re likely to end up with more bits on the floor than in the bin. However, a pull out bin can be positioned below chopping zones or prep areas, making it easy to sweep any waste directly into your bin.

Easy Waste Sorting

For many homeowners, recycling is an annoying task. Once you’ve finished with items, they get put in a pile and need to be sorted on rubbish day. This means handling each piece of rubbish at least twice. Fortunately, a pull out bin makes it easy to sort your waste. You can have a pull out bin with multiple compartments, so you can separate your general rubbish from your recycling. Some models even provide up to four compartments, so you can keep paper, plastic, and glass separate.

Odour Control

One of the significant issues with kitchen bins is the smells that can linger in the room. This “food” smell can make your room feel unclean and lacking freshness, even if you frequently empty the bin. Pull out bin systems are fitted with a securely sealed lid that will hold in any odours, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed if you decide to have coffee with a friend in your kitchen.

All in One Storage

Your pull out bin system can also provide an all in one storage solution. You can include a storage space for bin bags and all the related items. This will keep everything close at hand, so there is no excuse for someone not to change the bin when it is full.

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