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We all feel like we need a change of scenery once in a while. Whether you regret your design choices from years ago or you are entering a new phase in your life, change is always on the horizon. Sometimes it’s simply rearranging your furniture or repainting the walls. 

Some home renovations are easier than others. Repainting walls is easy but redecorating your whole kitchen can be costly. Many of us looking for some change are looking for more affordable ways to do it.

One of the fastest and most affordable ways to update your kitchen’s look is through vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors. Cabinetry is one of the biggest contributors to your kitchens’ overall look. Make it feel brand new without replacing your cabinets entirely or buying new doors through the use of vinyl wraps.


Types of Cabinet Wraps


Let’s do a quick overview of the different types of cabinet wraps available to you!

Vinyl is capable of mimicking the look of different materials. While it might not feel like it, the aesthetic quality can capture exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Wood Grain
  • Metal
  • Matte Color
  • High Glossy Sheen
  • Concrete
  • Strone

From these general categories, there are a variety of colours and shades you could choose from. The possibilities are limitless while helping you stay within budget!


Why Use Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Wraps

Vinyl wraps can be used for any cabinet but are most popular with kitchens. It allows you to change the look of your kitchen cabinets without replacing them entirely. You save yourself from the cost, hassle, and stress of full cabinet replacements.


You might be surprised to find out how flexible vinyl wraps are when it comes to choosing the specific look you’re aiming for. They’re better than a full replacement and it doesn’t take as much effort to finish.

With ease of application and low cost, you can go for the look you want without worrying about whether you’ll still be a fan of the look in the next 10 years. You can replace it as easily and conveniently as you please.

You’ll spend much less time deliberating your design choices and you have all the freedom to get creative and experiment with new things.


Replacing your cabinets cost a lot of money. For most kitchen remodels, cabinetry hardware and installation costs can take up to ¼ of your entire budget. It’s the final touch for your kitchen and one of the first things people notice so any regrettable design choices can easily become very costly mistakes.

With the flexibility of vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors and the low cost of the vinyl wraps, which you can apply hassle-free by yourself, you’re sure to make a quick, cost-efficient change. Homeowners can pick a design that will give your kitchen a more expensive look at a cheaper price.



If you don’t have the time to invest in having new cabinets or parts delivered and installed, vinyl wraps are the answer. The time workers spend in your kitchen also means you won’t be able to access it for quite a while, and eating out or ordering in can be costlier and less healthy than home-cooked meals.

Actual cabinet replacements also mean you have to clear your cabinets, find a place to store your food items and kitchenware, and clean up right after the work is done.

On the contrary, you can simply buy your vinyl wraps in-store or have them delivered online. Once it arrives, follow manufacturer instructions to place it over your cabinets and you’re done!

The material is quite flexible and would follow the original shape of your cabinet doors with ease.


Disadvantages of Vinyl Wraps

The most noticeable disadvantage is your cabinets won’t have the texture and feel of the materials they mimic. Over time, the protective element of the vinyl wrap and its color will also be lost to ordinary wear and tear.

They may peel off over time and, if you make the mistake of reattaching them with cheap glues, paint can no longer reliably or evenly adhere to your original cabinets.

If you choose to vinyl wrap your cabinet doors, you would need to have them sanded to remove leftover adhesives.

Recommended Vinyl Wrap Sizes

Most cabinet doors will come in standard sizes and shapes. To be sure, take a simple measuring tape and measure how much you need. Most vinyl wraps come in 24 inches, 36 inches, and 72 inches.


Applying Vinyl Wraps

While they’re called vinyl cabinet wraps, vinyl wraps can be used on any hard and non-porous surface. Other than your kitchen cabinet doors, you can also customize your refrigerators, room doors, tabletops, dressers, bookcases, and other furniture.

The method for applying vinyl wraps differs. Some of these are heat-activated, others are adhesive-backed. If you’re new to using vinyl wraps, we recommend self-adhesive ones.

To apply, simply peel off the backing and smooth the vinyl into place with your hands. Using a squeegee can also ensure even application.

For heat-activated vinyl, place the vinyl over the surface and apply heat. The most common tool for this is a hairdryer on the high heat setting. This activates the adhesive and the wrap will stick to the surface.

Vinyl wraps are an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to up the look of your kitchen cabinets. If you choose the right ones, they won’t leave any sticky residue when removed and can be easily replaced as you please!

If you’re worried about whether vinyl wraps are safe for your kids, there are many kid-safe and non-toxic options available in the market. Kids will love the different color varieties available, both matte and glossy, and you can make the design decision a fun family activity.

There are always experts who will be willing to help you explore your options. Get in touch with an expert! You won’t regret it especially if this is your first time buying vinyl wraps to upgrade your kitchen cabinet doors or other furniture.