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The thought of refacing your kitchen can be very daunting, The Kitchen Door Company tries to take the stress out of refacing and offers an incredible range of custom made door options to replace those worn out, old cabinet doors you have. This is no different if you have Ikea kitchen cabinets, in fact it is even easier if you are wanting to replace your Ikea cabinet doors as The Kitchen Door company has almost everything already worked out for you!


If you have Ikea kitchen cabinets, the process to replace the Ikea doors is so easy you can do it from the comfort of your own home, you just measure your Ikea cabinet doors and match the sizes to our online list of sizes.


To replace your Ikea kitchen cabinet doors, start by measuring the height and width of your Ikea doors (always measure the back of the door to get the most accurate measurement). Make sure you note down if this is a door or drawer front as you write the dimensions down.

Once you have these dimensions listed down, just jump onto and go into the To Suit IKEA Cabinets menu and select which range you have out of the Faktum or Metod range.

You will then be shown a menu of the different door materials we have available, select the material you would like your new doors made in and work through your list of sizes and match them up to the sizes shown on the website.

As you click onto the sizes you will see other options to customise your doors, such as what colour you would like them made in, if you would like new hinges etc.

Once you have made your selections just add the item to cart and you’re on your way to getting that stunning new kitchen you wanted, for a fraction of the price!


A little side note to keep in mind is that the Ikea sizes are set sizes so you can not adjust these sizes however if you do require any custom sized pieces these can also be ordered to match your new Ikea doors under the custom made menus.


If you’re looking to reface your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or office or even if you just need one damaged door or item replaced, contact us today on (08) 9456 0165 and our wonderful team will be happy to help!