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Are you feeling bored of your old kitchen and want to breathe a little life into the heart of your home? Many people spend at least once per day in the kitchen, so it is extremely important that it is a place where you and your family feel both relaxed and lively. 

Although, the absolute truth of the matter may be that a complete renovation of the kitchen can be extremely time-consuming and expensive, and you might not have the budget nor time to deal with the big disruption of having your kitchen ripped out and put back in. Full renovations can be a stressful time and affect your lives in a major way. However, never fear! This does not mean that you cannot update your kitchen at all. You can make a huge impact in your kitchen, by just changing one simple part of it – Your kitchen cupboard doors

When finding somewhere to purchase new cabinet doors, you may find that there are not many options locally to source custom kitchen doors. Nonetheless, if you keep searching, you might find those special companies that allow you to purchase brand-new kitchen cupboard doors online. 

As you may have experienced recently, a lot more shopping is done through your home computer, and while it may seem scary to make such a large purchase online, we promise, it can be worth it! 



When searching for new kitchen cupboard doors online. You will find many companies (especially big ones) that will do stock standard sizes and a limited colour range. While these may be cheaper, this doesn’t ensure quality or that you will get exactly what you need. 

Your kitchen may also have odd-sized doors, meaning if you order standard sizes, you could be ordering too big or too small for your current space. 

 Custom companies will be able to combat these issues, by providing you with custom sizes and a wide range of door types and colours. 



You may have a budget you want to stick within, which is extremely important, however, it is best not to compromise the quality of your product to stick within a budget. When ordering, you want to be confident that you have a quality product that will last. You definitely want to avoid changing your kitchen cabinet doors for the second time in a short period due to poor quality and certainly don’t want to spend even more money and time replacing them.


As you may have read about in our Blog – ‘Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors – What is the best door for you?’ there are so many different options on the market nowadays and while purchasing online will open your choices up, it may also make the confusion set in. 

Don’t forget to do some research on different companies to check the quality of the product and their service. Then your next step will be to research your options on what types of doors may be available. This will help you decide on what product will be best by checking their durability, colour choices and finishes. 



There is obviously a lot that goes into deciding what colour your new replacement kitchen cabinet doors should be. Our blog on ‘What should I consider when choosing the colour of my kitchen cabinet doors' should help with this. But when ordering new kitchen cupboard doors online remember that a computer can distort the colours slightly, so you may not get exactly what you see on the screen. 

Once you have got a couple of colour choices, get in touch with the company you are looking to purchase the doors from and ask them to send you some samples of the colours you are looking at. This will allow you to physically see what those colours may be like in your kitchen as both natural and manufactured lighting can change the way something looks! 



Measuring your new kitchen cabinet doors may seem like a scary part of ordering. You don’t want to risk getting it wrong. But don’t worry! It's actually easier than it looks. 

Check out our blog on ‘How to measure your old kitchen cupboard doors for more information on how to measure your doors'. 

Always check to the nearest millimetre and double-check every door just in case one of the doors is bigger or smaller than the rest. If you are still not comfortable measuring your doors, contact your supplier to see if they have someone who can measure your doors. 



It is quite important to remember the little things that you will need to have to finish off your brand-new kitchen cabinet doors! Handles are an extremely important part to remember. You can source your handles after you have received the doors, but remember to keep them in mind when you are doing your research as this may change what type of door you pick. 



Here at The Kitchen Door Company, we would be delighted to assist you in ordering your new kitchen cabinet doors online. All our pricing is live which means you can jump onto straight away and get an idea of how much your new kitchen cabinet doors will cost. 

If you are unsure about how to measure your existing doors or don’t feel confident quoting through the website, contact us at (08) 9546 3108 or email today and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to order your new doors.